This Jo Malone Fragrance Was So Intoxicating That It Secured Me a Second Date

If you think skincare is personal, try conversing with someone passionate about fragrance. At our core, we are primal animals that enjoy indulging in intoxicating aromas of exotic spices, luxurious flowers and herbs that ignite romantic encounters. In this instance, for a first date, I turned to an intense cologne from Jo Malone and almost left the meet-up a taken man.

Curious about the "Cologne Intense" line from Jo Malone, I sampled other scents from the collection, including "Velvet Rose & Oud" and "Tuberose Angelica." While those gourmand perfumes sat well with my natural pH, the "Myrrh & Tonka" cologne won my heart. On the brand's website, the description reads the scent as "noble and intoxicating," and indeed it was. The sweet, spicy and pleasantly musky notes paired beautifully with the body oil I swear by from Glossier.

Getting on to the juicy stuff, I had an upcoming date with a guy I had wanted the attention of since 2017, so choosing this alluring fragrance couldn't have come at a better time. I opted for a classic all-black ensemble on the actual date day as I knew the "Myrrh & Tonka" fragrance would speak for itself. I knew I had made the right choice as the scent compliments who I am and what I wanted the other person to smell and experience with me. Upon his arrival, he deeply embraced me and the cologne did the magic from there. The gentleman kept referring back to how "amazing" I smelled and even asked if he could press his nose against the pulse points where I'd applied the scent.

The rendezvous went on for hours, leading to us closing down the spot where we chose to gather. Before departure, he had revealed his deepest intentions and plans for the next date. I knew it was the $160 USD Jo Malone scent I had to thank for this experience. However, I'm a true Southern Belle, dating around in New York City, so that being said — I'm ready to shop my next Jo Malone scent to see if I can end up as a married man. Stay tuned for more on this theory.