Jimmy Fallon Totally Burns His Audience To Spare Anne Hathaway From Embarrassment

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Anne Hathaway recently asked the “Tonight Show” audience if they’d read the book that spawned her new movie, “The Idea of You,” sparking an awkward moment. (Watch the video below.)

Hathaway was talking up her chemistry with co-star Nicholas Galitzine when suddenly she blurted out to the crowd, “Has anyone here read the book?”

The silence, as they say, was deafening. Hathaway appeared stunned.

“No, we don’t read,” host Jimmy Fallon said on Monday, prompting Hathaway to laugh and cover her face as she tried to collect herself.

“This is ‘The Tonight Show.’ You want to go to Stephen Colbert if you want to get people that read books,” he added.

Fallon gave reading a literal thumbs down and exclaimed, “Lame,” before putting up the “loser” hand gesture to his forehead.

“We do Audible here,” he continued. “Does that count?”

Hathaway asked Fallon to move on with the interview, and he obliged, leading in with, “It’s based on this book —”

“What’s a book?” Hathaway cracked back, receiving laughter from the audience.

Finally, she declared, “The book does have a fan following somewhere.”

“The Idea of You,” in which Hathaway’s single mom character falls for a boy band star, began streaming Thursday on Prime Video. So you might not have time to read the book before you see the movie.

Sorry, Anne!

Fast-forward to 7:40 to see a talk show moment for the books: