Jimmy Fallon Freaks Out on Jada Pinkett Smith Playing Catchphrase

On The Tonight Show, Girls Trip star Jada Pinkett Smith teamed up with Jimmy Fallon for a game of Catchphrase. Fallon is notoriously competitive no matter the game he’s playing with his guests, so it was no surprise that Smith was skeptical when he said he’d keep his cool this time. In the past, like when the two teamed up for a game of Face Off, Fallon got frustrated when she was unable to get one of the answers.

With the game underway, Fallon stayed true to his word and kept his cool … until it was his turn to give clues. The answer was “Conga Line,” and Fallon grew increasingly frustrated with Smith when she repeatedly named other dances instead. Fallon kept singing the chorus to the 1985 hit by Miami Sound Machine, “Conga,” of course leaving out the word “Conga” because that would have been cheating.

Even after the buzzer sounded and Fallon stomped away from the table, he continued to sing parts of “Conga,” but, maybe because the song is now 32 years old, it never rang a bell with Smith.

Of course, this was all in good fun, and Fallon wasn’t genuinely angry with Smith, especially since they went on to win the game.

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