Jim Carrey's Sarah Sanders painting creates a controversy, but have you seen his Donald Trump?

Every day there’s something new to get outraged over, and Jim Carrey’s artwork seems to be today’s favorite.

While the Mask actor didn’t call out President Trump’s White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, by name, many Twitter users noticed that his new painting, shared on Saturday, is very obviously a monsterized version of her. The caption described his subject as a “so-called Christian,” clearly looking to incite some drama (remember: 70 percent of Americans are Christian), and stated that her job is to be a professional liar.

As mentioned, there has been backlash.

And attacks on Carrey’s own character. (Most of them stem from accusations made by his late girlfriend Cathriona White’s family in their wrongful death lawsuit against him after she committed suicide in 2015. The lawsuit was thrown out — and Carrey was cleared — in February.)

Of course, Fox News is on the case.

Carrey didn’t seem to care. He posted this — Donald Trump as the Wicked Witch of the West — as a follow-up on Monday.

He later commented via The Young Turks, saying, “I am so gratified by the reaction to my little drawings. It is the job of a political cartoon to vex those who abuse power or enable those abuses. This administration has been lying to the American people from day one while plundering the country and debasing our values. And those who cover for this shameful mobster of a President are putting makeup on a melanoma and telling the cancer patient that everything’s fine. Monstrous? You bet!”

We’ll go ahead and point out that this is just one of many Carrey originals bashing Trump and his team that the actor, 56, has shared in the last year-plus. Here are some others — and we’d argue that some are potentially more controversial, though none called anyone “anti-Christian,” which obviously gets people fired up.

1. Trump dragging a woman by the hair in front of the White House in the wake of the Rob Porter domestic violence scandal.

2. Trump playing golf on a course covered with the bodies of dead school children in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

3. Sen. Marco Rubio with blood on his hands after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

4. Trump kissing Putin’s bare bottom amid all those reports of the president’s ties to Russia and the country funding his campaign win.

5. Carrey’s take on Trump’s endorsement of arming teachers as a result of the latest mass shootings.

6. “Fool” Steve Bannon supporting Roy Moore, who was accused by many women of sexual misconduct.

7. “Creep” Rep. Paul Ryan for the health care debacle.

8. “Rat” Rep. Trey Gowdy, who led the Benghazi inquiry against Hillary Clinton.

For the record, not all of his paintings are of Trump’s inner circle. He recently took on Facebook — though the political ties were obviously there.

And some aren’t controversial at all. Here’s his tribute to the late Stephen Hawking.

Last summer, a six-minute documentary about Carrey’s love of painting, called I Needed Color, looked at his passion, which he has been pursuing strongly for the last six years. (On some days, he’ll paint for 10 hours.) In an interview with W magazine, he discussed how his painting subjects include a lot of politicians.

“Yeah, I do a lot of political cartoons,” he said. “I’ve been doing them all along. When I was in grade six, my teacher confiscated a bunch of the cartoons I made in the back of class of her being mutilated by bombs and axes, dogs chewing her leg, whatever. And then she sent them back to me when I got famous. [Laughs.] She’d been saving them; she said she knew something was going on there.”

Carrey went on to say that he finds it cathartic to paint Trump.

“I still tweet and draw political cartoons and play the part of Arjuna, who has to fight the battle in Bhagavad Gita,” he said. “It’s not a battle I want to fight, but you’ve got to play a part. Every day at some point there’s pretty much a peaceful acceptance of what’s going on in my life right now, but I do also tune in to the Republican — what could I call it? — war on logic, intelligence, and compassion at least once a day.”

Carrey had an art show in Las Vegas last year to sell some of his work. But there’s much more of it. An interesting bit in that W interview is that his “house has been filled with so many paintings he’s used them as furniture, even ‘eating off’ them.”

So right now he could be having lunch on that “monstrous” face. Or afternoon tea on the Wicked Witch.

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