'Jeopardy!' honors Regis Philbin by re-airing the very first 'Celebrity Jeopardy!'

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On Monday, Jeopardy! re-aired the very first Celebrity Jeopardy! in dedication to Regis Philbin, who died last Friday of natural causes at age 88. Philbin helped elevate the 1992 debut episode with his high energy and hilarious responses.

Regis struggled initially, blaming his buzzer. In fact, production took a quick break to test his buzzer, which was indeed working fine. Host Alex Trebek teased him saying, “It works, you don't.”

The episode was very reminiscent of Saturday Night Live’s “Celebrity Jeopardy!” sketch, as Philbin traded barbs with Trebek. And viewers loved every moment of it.

Carol Burnett ended up edging out Philbin for the win, while Donna Mills finished third. But all of the celebrities’ charities received the same $10,000 donation. Philbin was playing for Cardinal Hayes High School, which was just one of the many institutions which he contributed to throughout his legendary career.

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