Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Laugh It Up in 'Passengers' Blooper Reel


Way back at the beginning of 2016, Passengers was thought to be a possible Academy Award contender-in-the-making, thanks to a highly regarded script (it placed third on 2007’s Black List of promising unproduced scripts), a director (Morten Tyldum) who had just helmed the Oscar-nominated The Imitation Game, and two giant movie stars in Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt headlining a sci-fi romantic adventure. Alas, such a feted future was not to be, as the film underperformed at the box office (ending its run just shy of the $100 million domestic-tally mark) and was savaged by some critics for “weird sexism.” But that doesn’t mean the cast and crew didn’t have fun making it! And as proof, they’ve now released a blooper reel from the big-budget production (watch it above).

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As firmly established by the two-minute clip, posted to Facebook by Buzzfeed, there were plenty of laughs to be had while filming Passengers, especially for Lawrence, who appears particularly prone to cracking up at dialogue meant to be oh-so-sci-fi-serious. That said, she’s not the only one who blunders her way through line readings, as Pratt and co-stars Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne also reveal a penchant for breaking character at the most inopportune of moments.

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It’s unlikely the above blooper reel will change anyone’s mind about Passengers itself, although it does suggest that collaborating with Lawrence and Pratt would be fun. Check out their biggest on-set flubs above, and the film itself on Digital HD now, with Blu-ray/DVD to follow on March 14.

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