Jennifer Garner's Go-To Comfy Denim Brand Is Extremely on Sale at Nordstrom Rack Right Now

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Jennifer Garner Nordstrom Jeans Sale
Jennifer Garner Nordstrom Jeans Sale

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I never forget a good recommendation. Sometimes it's for a wrinkle repair oil, other times it's for a Spanx bra, but most of the time, it's something that was indirectly recommended to me by Jennifer Garner.

Garner is relatable in a way many famous people are not; to me, her cat videos are on par with cinematic masterpieces. And when she says that she thinks Joe's Jeans makes the most comfortable sweaters and denim, I don't just take note. I whip out my wallet and buy them immediately.

Joe's Jeans aren't the most affordable of Garner's recommendations, which is rare for someone as low-key as she is. But she likes what she likes, which is a brand with a reputation for flattering denim that doesn't feel stiff. A pair of Joe's Jeans will almost always cost you nearly $200, but at Nordstrom Rack's Clear the Rack sale, which is happening right now, they'll cost you so much less.

There are straight-leg jeans for $70! There are distressed boyfriend jeans for $90! There are even trendy mid-rise denim shorts for just $70! Price cuts this major for a celeb-loved brand don't come around often, so make sure to take a quick scan at the 300 pairs on sale and quickly add to cart. These Nordstrom Rack deals on Joe's Jeans are by far the best we've seen in months, and we've highlighted some of the best below.

Best Joe's Jeans Denim on Sale

Nordstrom Rack's Clear the Rack sale just started today, but things are basically guaranteed to sell out by the end of the day. Consider it practice for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale next week, where Joe's Jeans will cost you around $100 if you don't get around to buying them now. Take the better prices while you can: That's absolutely what Jennifer Garner would want.

Shop more of the best deals on Jennifer Garner-approved denim below.

Best Joe's Jeans Shorts on Sale