Jen Psaki is 'not going to accept' that the For the People Act 'died' with GOP filibuster

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki appeared Sunday on The Mehdi Hasan Show where she spoke about President Biden’s desire to pass the For the People Act, the voting rights bill that was filibustered by Senate Republicans.

“The For the People Act, which you’ve twice tonight said he [Biden] wants to get passed into law,” Hasan said, “died in the Senate last month because of the filibuster.” “I’m not going to accept that it died. We’re still fighting for it,” Psaki replied. “The vice president’s going to help lead this effort, and the president’s going to be engaged in this effort, and we’re going to continue to do hard things from the White House.”

This comes as Republican state legislatures across the country continue to fight to pass more restrictive voting laws, with hundreds introduced, and dozens already passed.

“I know it’s hard. It’s not an easy path, but we do hard things,” Psaki said. “He is going to keep talking about this as president, keep elevating it, but he’s also going to empower the American people because he believes in the American people and in our democracy, and what we can do to fight against these laws.”

Psaki also addressed the growing calls among Biden allies for the president to put forth more of an effort for filibuster reform to pass the For the People Act, as there are a small number of Democratic senators who are blocking the reform. Biden is against abolishing the filibuster, but has spoken about going back to the old rules, meaning debating a bill would actually be necessary.

“He still supports the talking filibuster, still thinks it shouldn’t be easy to filibuster legislation. We also recognize, and he knows as somebody who served in the Senate for 36 years, this is a Senate procedural process,” Psaki said, “not one he actually gets a vote on, an important one, one that warrants debate, one that warrants discussion. And certainly the obstruction may change the minds of people in the Senate.”

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