Jason Momoa is 'not a fan' of going to the gym, so he does these extreme sports instead

On the Jimmy Kimmel Live! NBA Finals pre-game special Thursday, Jason Momoa dialed in from Canada, where he is finishing up production on Season 2 of his Apple TV+ show See. And he broke down the preferred workouts he uses to look like the action star that he is, which, surprisingly, do not involve him going to a gym.

Momoa, who said he is “not a fan” of gyms, is heading off to shoot the Aquaman sequel very soon, and so guest host Anthony Anderson asked what Momoa does to look the way that he does, including how he works his “dorsal muscle?”

“I like doing rock climbing and surfing, and there’s no surf up here,” Momoa said, referring to Canada. “So I just — I do when the time’s right but it’s just — I’ve been fighting so much and working hard. I’ll get it together. I promise.”

And even though he does plenty of fighting during filming for See, the Hawaii native said that he hasn’t had a chance to work out as much as he should due to his current production schedule, and that he needs to “pull it together.” But viewers on Twitter were quick to notice that he was looking pretty good during a later segment on the show that involved a shirtless Momoa rubbing hand sanitizer on his body and ironing a shirt.

Momoa was also asked by Anderson how the fill-in host can turn his “two-liter into a six-pack,” to which Momoa responded simply, “Drink more water.” And while that may or may not help in turning your abs into something Aquaman would be proud of, Anderson knows exactly what it will do to him.

“OK. That just makes me pee more,” he said.

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