Janelle Brown Wants To Build Coyote Pass Home In 'Sister Wives' Clip

The saga of Coyote Pass continues in the next episode of "Sister Wives," as Janelle Brown and Christine Brown's moves complicate the family's next steps in developing a home.

In an exclusive clip of Sunday's "Sister Wives" episode, Janelle, Kody Brown's second wife considers moving out of her rental property and building a home of her own on Coyote Pass, the undeveloped land in Flagstaff, Ariz. the family purchased in 2018 for $820,000.

Kody purchased the land with the intention of buying a single, sprawling home for him, his four wives and their 18 children, but the women decided they would prefer separate homes on four parcels of land. Kody plans to have his own house, too.

But Christine Brown's decision to leave the plural family and move to Utah could impact Janelle's plans.

The episode, titled "And Then There Were Three," follows the 53-year-old as she speaks with her husband Kody Brown about her desire to build a house.

Janelle is particularly eager to get the project started after learning that her landlord is selling the house she's currently renting.

“I thought about (buying the rental house) because it’s a fixer upper. I love it, I love the neighborhood, and it would be just easy to stay," she says in a behind-the-scenes interview.

Still, she says she'd rather take advantage of the land that the Brown family already has. To do so, Janelle explains she'd have to live in an RV on the property for six months while her home is under construction.

While meeting with Janelle, Kody agrees that he would rather build a house than buy one. But he has some concerns, which come up while Janelle is discussing her plans for building the house.

“We have to figure out property lines and where we’re gonna build and how do I finance. I wanna build something small that I could be in in about six months,” she says.

Kody is concerned that the family will have to pay off the property loan before they can divide the land into the five lots they need (one for each of his four families and one for himself) and start building.

"Our biggest struggle with financing, or with anything, is getting the property lines, which requires I think that we pay off the land," he says to Janelle.

In a confessional, Kody explains that the family originally purchased Coyote Pass with the intention of living together in either one house, or separate homes. Kody says the original idea was to buy two lots, but they they ended up buying four.

"Now, we’re trying to take our four lots and reconfigure them into five lots. In doing that, we basically have to go through a process of paying off the property, surveying, changing lot lines and then at that point, Janelle would have a lot that she would be able to start building on," he says.

To complicate matters further, Christine announced her intention to move to Utah in a recent episode, so Kody isn't sure if she will even want her plot of land anymore.

"I really don’t know what will happen with the property with Christine leaving. Will she give that property to us? Will we have to buy that property from her? Will she sell that property? I have no idea," he wondered out loud.

Janelle's main concern is making sure she finds somewhere to live quickly, considering the fact that she will need to vacate her rental in two months. At the same time, Kody seems keen on the idea of her just finding a new rental.

"Robyn and I found a ton of houses to rent. We couldn't find one big enough. It'd be easier for Janelle to find a rental than Robyn cause she's only gotta house Savannah (their daughter)," he says in a confessional.

Meanwhile, Janelle is feeling frustrated by her interaction with Kody and shares the following sentiment during a behind-the-scenes interview.

"I don't get it, Kody is so always twisted up about this thing. I don't have a house! I don't have a house," she says. "I think I can buy an RV, like a trailer. I can bring it out here for a few months and we can stay in it and I'll pour all my resources into starting the house build."

Janelle, who shares six children with Kody, ended up spending the summer of 2021 in an RV.

“I acted boldly and seized an adventure,” Janelle wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of her new digs. “Not only is the housing market in Flagstaff as crazy as where you are I’m sure, but rentals are even harder to come by. Presenting my new summer adventure — the RV life, but camped on our property.”

Janelle left the RV in November: “So long trailer! See you next spring,” wrote on Instagram, saying that she "loved living out on the land."

But during an Instagram Live in 2022, per US Weekly, Janelle said that she decided not to return to the RV for the summer of 2022, as her daughter Savannah "really struggled."

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