Jane Fonda Says Ex-Husband Asked Her to Take Psychological Test

On The View, Jane Fonda brought to light that one of her ex-husbands suggested she take a psychiatric test because he thought she was crazy. Fonda said she took the test on the condition that he take it too, and, as it turned out, she was the sane one of the pair. Fonda has been married three times, first to writer/producer Roger Vadim; then to political activist/author Tom Hayden; and then billionaire Ted Turner. She didn’t specify which one made her take the test.

Jane Fonda and Ted Turner (Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)
Jane Fonda and Ted Turner (Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

The subject of psychological tests came up because of Fonda’s recent commentary on presidential politics. Fonda has said multiple times that no one should run for president without first passing such a test, something the ladies of The View agreed with. They likened it to taking a driving test before you get your license. There is, according to Fonda, an alternative to a candidate taking the test.

“Either all of us become psychiatrists, the voters do, or else the woman or man who is running takes the test,” Fonda said.

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