Jane Fonda compares Trump to ex-husband Ted Turner: 'There are certain things that I understand about this kind of man'

When actress and activist Jane Fonda wanted to do something about climate change in the last few years, she thought she knew just how to present the issue to President Trump. After all, she saw similarities between Trump and Ted Turner, the founder of CNN whom she was married to for a decade beginning in 1991.

“I thought, he’s been traumatized as a child, kind of like Ted as a child, so there are certain things that I understand about this kind of man,” Fonda told the New York Times. “So I thought, OK, I will find four of the most beautiful, sexy, smart, climate-interested women I can, and we’ll go in, and we’ll kneel and we’ll plead and beg. We’ll tell him what needs to be done and what a serious crisis this is and we’ll tell him that he will be the world’s greatest hero, that kind of thing.”

The mission eventually failed, and Fonda never actually got to Trump.

“I actually called Jared [Kushner], or whatever his name is, and I told him my idea and he said, ‘Well, Ivanka [Trump] is the environmentalist in the family.’ Yeah, sure,” Fonda said. “So she called me and I told her my idea and she laughed and I never heard from her again.”

As for the president himself, Fonda said she doesn’t have feelings of hatred toward him, even though she’s far from a fan.

“I am of the belief that evil deeds, which Trump is committing, is the language of the traumatized,” Fonda explained. “And you can hate the deeds. Don’t hate the person because he wins if we hate him. Don’t even give him that much energy.”

The Grace and Frankie star actually has “empathy” for Trump.

“I look at this person and I see a frightened child who is very, very dangerous because he’s got his hands on all the buttons,” she said.

Fonda, who was aligned with the Black Panther Party in the ‘60s and ‘70s, noted that she also has only good feelings for the Black Lives Matter movement underway nationwide. She was impressed after she received a mailer from leaders about the importance of activists taking care of themselves.

There is “a feeling of love” there “that was missing with the Panthers back in the ‘70s. I think one reason is because women are in the leadership.”

As for love in her personal life, Fonda reiterated that she’s happily single by choice — and not at all lonely.

“I don’t have time [to date],” Fonda said. “I am fully complete with me and my children and my grandchildren and my friends. I don’t want any more romance. I don’t have time for it.”

These days, she said, she would spend a free Saturday night reading or watching TV.

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