Jamie Lee Curtis Stuns in Sultry Throwback Pic With John Travolta

Photo credit: Eugene Gologursky - Getty Images
Photo credit: Eugene Gologursky - Getty Images
  • Jamie Lee Curtis shared a throwback photo with John Travolta.

  • The black and white image pays homage to Perfect, the ’80s exercise-themed rom-com the two starred in together.

  • “Monday memories with the one and only @johntravolta,” she captioned the post.

Jamie Lee Curtis loves a good Throwback Thursday or Memory Monday—any excuse to share gems from the past on social media. And this Monday, she shared a classic shot from the vault that called back to Perfect, the ’80s fitness rom-com she starred in alongside John Travolta.

In the black and white pic, Travolta stands behind Curtis, dressed in a suit and tie, and Curtis, wearing an exercise leotard, reaches her hand behind her to rest on the back of Travolta’s neck. They both sport sultry gazes, though Travolta’s is more of a modest smile than Curtis’, who seems to be going for sexy-serious.

“Monday memories with the one and only @johntravolta,” Curtis captioned the post.

Fans loved revisiting the past with the actress, and many of them couldn’t help but comment with a play on the movie’s title.

“This is dare I say Perfect,” one person commented. “I loved this movie 🎥,” another added. “You’re telling me Danny was seeing Laurie in 1978 ?! 👀👀👀 ,” someone else wrote, referring to Travolta’s role as Danny Zuko in Grease and Curtis’ as Laurie Strode in Halloween.

A cultural staple of its time, Perfect stars Travolta as an investigative journalist who covers the fitness club fad of the ’80s. While doing so, he meets Curtis’ character, an aerobics instructor who is weary of reporters. Through resistance and lots of leotards and leg warmers, the pair eventually fall in love.

In April, Curtis shared a different throwback from Perfect days—specifically a glamorous shot for Rolling Stone from her press tour for the movie. In it, she wore a feathery black robe and minimal makeup. “WAY back in the DAY, PERFECT was coming out and @johntravolta and I were [on] the cover of @rollingstone and features inside,” she captioned the post. “This was before the glam squad and you just wore your own clothes and did your own hair and makeup.”

The photo honored the 35th anniversary of the Perfect premiere. “The movie PERFECT was 35 years ago,” she tweeted, sharing another shot of her and Travolta. “It has survived many exercise crazes, MANY memes but at its heart was something special & deep. People trying to find love & 2 be their best selves. I loved my partner, his grace, then & now, made the experience lovely. My hand in yours John.

We don’t know about you, but we suddenly have the urge to take an aerobics class.... or watch Perfect... or both.

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