Jamie Lee Curtis Explains Why She Had To Be Guarded By Security At Her Own Movie Screening

The studio wanted to be sure Curtis didn't do one specific thing.

Fans are counting down the days until Halloween Ends comes out in theaters and streaming on Peacock on Oct. 14. 

Meanwhile, the star of the franchise, Jamie Lee Curtis, is doing promotions, and she shared a hilarious story about why exactly the movie studio sent a security guard to her movie screening.

On Sept. 30, Curtis visited the popular British program The Graham Norton Show, which is when she opened up about this strange experience. 

She began by explaining to host Graham Norton and the other guests that she wanted to see Halloween Ends ahead of its release so that she could accurately promote the film, so the studio, Universal Pictures, set her up with her own personal screening. 

In fact, she even had a remote to control the volume of the film, so she said, "I was groovy. All the talking, great. The minute the music comes up and the thing, I'm turning it down to zero, and I turn away." 

She then says, "But..." and explains that Universal also "insisted on having a guard in the room" with her at the screening. 

Why? Well, as Curtis said, "so I wouldn't pirate my own f-----g movie." 

She recalled her response being, "Wait, what?," however, she explained that she got over it and instead, found some enjoyment in the experience.

"The guy's sitting in the back. So, my entire movie, I turned the volume down and I turned my head...but I got to listen to him."

Curtis goes on to comically act out the guard's exclamations of shock and "Oh no!" as he watched the horror film

To finish off the funny story, she then mimed giving the middle finger to the guard who sat in the back, glad he suffered through the film because the studio didn't trust her to not pirate her own movie.

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