Is Your iPhone Showing an Orange Dot? Apple Says It's About 'Transparency and Control'—Here's What You Need To Know

Apple has been full of surprises lately—there are new features on the iPhone 14 Pro, exciting updates on the Apple Watch and AirPods Pro, and even the new ability to unsend iMessages! And one other thing that has had many people talking has to do with the mysterious appearance of an orange dot on iPhones.

If you're an iPhone user, then chances are you've noticed an orange dot at the top of your device, or inside the Dynamic Island if you have a 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max...but what does it mean? We dive into what the orange circle signifies, as well as what it means when it appears as a square instead.

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What is the orange dot on my iPhone?

The orange dot merely means that the microphone on your iPhone is being used.

The indicator was among the "enhanced privacy features" rolled out with the iOS 14 software update for more "transparency and control." In a press release about iOS 14 back in 2020, Apple said users would "get even more transparency into an app’s use of the microphone and camera."

Don't be alarmed if you see the orange dot when you're on the home screen right after using the camera app or getting off a FaceTime call—it often takes a couple of seconds to clear.

It's as simple as that, and one less thing to ask Siri about!

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Why do I have an orange square on my iPhone?

The orange indicator will appear as a square if the "Differentiate Without Color" setting is on. You can check to see if yours is on under settings. Go to Accessibility, followed by Display & Text Size and see if the "Differentiate Without Color" setting is on. If off, the orange indicator will appear as a dot.



What is the green dot on my iPhone?

While the orange dot is a sign that the microphone is being used by an app, the green one indicates that the camera, or camera and microphone, are in use.

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