Incredibly powerful 'I May Destroy You' finale is being called one of the greatest TV finales of all time

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The finale of I May Destroy You aired on HBO Monday night and viewers were totally blown away.

The series, which was created, written, co-directed and executive produced by Michaela Coel, who also stars as the main character, Arabella, is about sexual assault, consent and the aftermath. I May Destroy You has received deserved praise every week since premiering and, on Monday, the finale did not disappoint.

During the episode, Arabella plays out multiple scenarios of how her traumatic experience of being raped concludes. While each version of the ending is different, one thing remains the same — Arabella always takes back her power and is able to come to a place of healing and closure.

Even though the question everyone is asking now is will there be a Season 2, the ending left fans with closure as well as Arabella uses her experience to finally finish her book and publish it independently.

The brilliant and thought-provoking ending had viewers praising Coel and her series and even had some calling it "the best television series of 2020." One viewer even tweeted that he was adding the finale to his list of all-time greatest TV finales.

The I May Destroy You finale aired Aug. 24 on HBO.

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