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 An outdoor striped hammock
An outdoor striped hammock

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More and more, we're using our outdoor spaces as extra places to relax, seeking sanctuary from nature. To help our backyards transform into temples of relaxation, we need the right best outdoor furniture that can help bring this mood, the outdoor hammock is the perfect touch.

Creating a space for relaxing with a good book or merely a space to lie down and take in a view of a canopy of leaves above you, they're a super relaxing addition to your backyard.

From fringed to colorful designs you can tie between two trees or through your pergola, to hammocks that come with a handy frame and are perfect for small spaces - outdoor hammock knows no bounds and work for all types of backyard. I've scoured the web and found these 9 buys that will make a great touch to your outdoor space.

Best fringed hammocks

1. Boho fringed outdoor hammock

I love the boho look of this hammock in cream. With a wooden end at either side, there is a natural aesthetic that will look perfect surrounded by foliage. The heavy cotton weave creates a super comfortable place, and the macrame-woven fringed trim is the perfect decorative touch.

2. Fringed hammock in cream

Another fringed hammock in cream, this too has a boho look and is an absolute steal at $58. Made from cotton, it's soft and has a minimalist backyard aesthetic to it. Just make sure to untie it and bring it indoors when not in use.

3. Hand-braided hammock

I can't resist this seriously cheap buy from Amazon. A blend of eco-friendly recycled polyester and cotton fabric gives you the durability you need to last through the seasons ahead. The included draw string bag is made from the same material has the hammock so it works in the backyard but also on the go

Best colorful hammocks

1. Juana hammock

Draped with a playful bright pink fringe, this hammock will make the perfect addition to your patio, bringing a pop of color to your outdoor space this summer. Make sure to keep it out of the way of the elements and take it down when raining..

2. Brazilian style cotton hammock

A multicolored rainbow patio is a great decorative addition to your backyard to bring some summer sunshine. I can see this amid pots home to tropical foliage and big palm leaves, giving you a total escapism in your own backyard.

3. Boho fringed hammock

Combining the decorative fringe element with stripy color, this is a cheap buy from Target that certainly looks more expensive. The hanging hardware and stand are sold separately but the loop makes it easy to hang up, just don't add weight over 250lbs.

Best hammocks with stands

1. Belleze hanging striped hammock

Bring the comfort of a hanging hammock anywhere you want in your backyard no matter the size. Perfect for a small backyard, this hammock comes with a stand crafted from FSC-certified wood, making the frame super durable and sturdy.

2. SUGIFT 1-Person Hammock with Stand

A minimalist backyard addition, the cream hammock is made from cotton, which marries well against pinewood. The wood structure has been pre-treated with a varnish to prevent damage from water and weather.

3. Pillowtop sand stripe hammock

This monochrome hammock has a checkerboard pattern,. It's a pillowtop hammock for extra comfort, suspended on a bow-like stand made from cypress wood. The hammock offers padded channel-stitched comfort in Sunbrella fabric so it's perfect for the outdoors.

Is cotton or polyester better for a hammock?

Hammocks are either made from rope or fabric. Rope hammocks are typically made with cotton or polyester in an open weave, while fabric can come in a range of materials including cotton and polyester but many others.There are pros and cons to both materials. Cotton is a great choice for hammocks because it is tear-resistant, has a soft feel, and can be created in a range of colors and patterns.

Polyester hammocks are inexpensive, super durable and won't fade over time. Polyester might be the better choice of the two. Where cotton absorbs moisture and can mean it runs the risk of becoming moldy, polyester tends to be more weather resistant because it is synthetic.

However, if you want to select the eco-conscious choice, crganic cotton is different to regular cotton as it is hand-picked, making it better for your skin and not involving pesticides and chemicals during the process. Organic cotton also uses less water to irrigate the land, in turn helping farm owners.