Holiday Gift Guide: Best CBD Sleep Products to Ring In 2023

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Stuck on ideas for gifts this holiday season? The big popcorn tubs and sugary treats are great and all, but giving the gift of health is what’s trending for us at the end of this year. From cheap stocking stuffers to valuable gift sets, we think CBD sleep products make thoughtful gifts for those in your life who could use more shut-eye — aka most people. 

That makes CBD for sleep gifts perfect for everyone on your list. CBD’s benefits for sleep make it an attractive, natural alternative to traditional sleep aids that can come with unwanted side effects. For the stressed-out loved ones on your list, CBD oil for sleep just might be a game changer. And it’s certainly a hot gift idea — even if it's a belated holiday gift!

Check out which CBD products for sleep made it into our holiday gift guide. 

Here’s the top 10 at a glance:

Best CBD for Sleep Products For Holiday Gift-Giving

These are some of the best CBD for sleep products so that both you and your loved ones can ring in the new year well-rested.

Best Overall: Extract Labs Sleep CBD Bath Bomb 

Extract Labs
Extract Labs

The Extract Lab Sleep CBD Bath Bombs are very elegant with their marble design and impressively organic ingredient list. An affordable, healthy and thoughtful stocking stuffer that your loved ones probably wouldn’t get for themselves.


  • Crowd pleaser

  • Beautiful design and packaging

  • Fantastic reviews as gifts

  • Organic ingredients

We all have that person in our life that needs a bit more relaxation. For that person, the best overall CBD sleep product for the holidays this year has got to be this ethereal bath bomb.

Except this delight doesn’t come from an expensive spa. It’s a creation of Extract Labs, a veteran-owned brand out of Colorado serious about one thing: expert CBD extraction.

While most CBD companies outsource the extraction of their CBD oil, the Extract Labs team has years of experience in the field. In addition to CBD, the brand has perfected extraction for additional cannabinoids like CBG, CB, and more. Their impressive grounds include a full-blown laboratory where Extract Labs performs analytics on both their CBD oil and that of major US retailers.

Although the company excels at in-house testing, they stay true to industry standards for safety and transparency by posting independent lab results. This assures users that not only are Extract Labs CBD products safe, they’re very potent.

Extract Labs uses CBD isolate to make their bath bombs, so there is 0% THC. We love that the entire ingredient list is organic, including a deliriously relaxing blend of essential oils. 

Plus, there’s just something visually about Extract Labs’ CBD bath bombs that reminds us of winter. Elegant and artisan crafted, it looks great in cellophane with a bright red bow. Throw one in with your other stocking stuffers for holiday cheer.

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Best CBD Sleep Capsules: BS Sleep PLUS

BS Sleep Plus
BS Sleep Plus

It’s hard to deny the power packed in each one of these little capsules, with 25mg of natural, hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD per capsule. These were formulated without melatonin so that you can fall asleep naturally.


  • Melatonin-free

  • Contains CBD and CBN

  • 0% THC

  • 30 count

For serious sleep this holiday season, look no further than BS Sleep PLUS from

These sleep capsules contain a powerful blend of broad spectrum CBD, which contains many of the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, including CBN. Like CBD, CBN is found in hemp and has therapeutic applications for sleep. Also like CBD, CBN is not psychoactive and non-addictive.

The three-tiered punch of CBD, CBC and CBN makes getting a good night’s sleep as easy as pie. 

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Best Sleep Bundle: Cornbread Hemp CBD Sleep Bundle

Cornbread Hemp
Cornbread Hemp

This bundle is made with 100% USDA organic CBD oil through and through. The price point might appear high, but the value is there with 3 different CBD products included. 


  • USDA organic products

  • 3 different CBD products included

  • Perfect for families or regular CBD users

  • Awesome reviews for sleep

Obtaining USDA organic certification for CBD hemp, CBD oil and CBD products is an expensive and arduous process. That’s why the majority of ‘organic’ CBD brands out there are purchasing wholesale organic CBD oil that already has the certification. 

Not Cornbread Hemp. This family-owned business is a seed-to-sale CBD operation, meaning they do everything from the ground up: from cultivating organic hemp plants to selling the final product to consumers.

It’s hard not to love this down-home brand who has gone above and beyond to not only create potent CBD oil, but to do so organically and sustainably. This is not only more expensive, it takes a lot more time and commitment. For the passionate farmers at Cornbread Hemp, it’s worth it.

Another thing that makes Cornbread Hemp’s CBD so awesome is that they only use whole hemp flowers to procure their CBD oil. This part of the plant has more CBD and other cannabinoids per surface area than stalks and stems commonly used by manufacturers.

The Sleep Bundle by Cornbread Hemp is a great value with three different CBD products included to help people get the rest and recovery they need this season. Delicious CBD gummies, CBD oil tinctures and CBD capsules provide an excellent opportunity for newbies to get their feet wet with CBD for sleep. 

On the other hand, this is a great gift for families and regular CBD users. People who want to see if CBD works for them can go through each product and figure out how it will affect them.

The reviews for Cornbread Hemp’s sleep bundle all say the same thing — it does wonders for a great night’s sleep. Overall, we think this is the best overall value for USDA organic hemp for the holiday gifting season. 

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Best with THC: Joy Organics CBD Gummies for Sleep

Joy Organics
Joy Organics

Joy Organics CBD gummies work, and we love the mission-driven brand behind the scenes.


  • Glowing reviews

  • CBD, CBN and melatonin

  • Delicious taste

  • All-natural and vegan

Joy Organics was one of the first US CBD brands to earn USDA certification on both their CBD oil and their CBD products. The company began when the founder found relief from CBD after years of health struggles. 

Joy now shares her passion for organic hemp with the world. Joy Organics has grown to become one of the most trusted, well-reviewed CBD brands in the US. They’re known for their awesome customer service and their love of giving back.

Joy Organics, as the name implies, exclusively uses organically cultivated CBD hemp to make their CBD oil. This is also certified organic, meaning the processing is clean and follows organic guidelines.

CBD aside, they’re committed to using additional organic ingredients, too. Whether it’s for flavor or for a natural benefit, Joy Organics does a great job of ethically sourcing really clean superfoods.

This CBD gummy is all-natural and packs a powerful punch, according to the reviews we read. Most people mention how they are able to fall asleep and stay asleep better when they take these CBD gummies.

It’s no wonder users report potency. Each gummy contains 30mg CBD, along with 3mg each of melatonin and CBD. Melatonin is a well-known herbal supplement for sleep, while CBN is more of a newcomer on the wellness scene. Like CBD, it’s a cannabinoid found in hemp, and like CBD, it’s been gaining major attention for its sleep benefits. 

Joy Organics CBD gummies have a nice taste and contain full spectrum CBD oil. Therefore, some report a slight hempy aftertaste. This is normal and only speaks to the potency of the CBD oil.

There’s nothing unnatural or scary in the ingredients list. Vegans can also partake, as Joy Organics does not use any animal products like gelatin. A high-brow wellness treat for the holiday season to help you get proper sleep.

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Fastest Acting: Sol CBD CBD + Melatonin Advanced Sleep Formula


Sol CBD’s sleep formula is the fastest-acting product we could find for the holiday season. It has 6 ingredients, including valerian root and GABA, to help you fall asleep and stay asleep faster than ever.


  • Fast-acting and long-lasting

  • 6 powerful nutrients proven for sleep 

  • Cutting-edge technology

  • Rewards program

Sol CBD has done it again with another unique, super-powerful wellness formula. The folks at Sol CBD have perfected the art of blending plant-based health with innovative technology to help users get more from their supplements.

Case in point: liposomal delivery. In a nutshell, CBD and the other nutrients in their sleep formula are encased in a fatty layer by patent-pending technology. This makes them more quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body.

Unlike most CBD tinctures, these are water-soluble, another advantage that helps you absorb the nutrients effectively. To take this herb-infused liposomal CBD formula, mix one dropperful with a glass of water before bed. Drink and look forward to falling asleep fast and a restful, cozy night.

Sol CBD leverages most of the natural sleep aids in just one liquid formula. First up is CBD oil cleanly extracted from organic hemp. Then, they add GABA, valerian root, 5-HTP, melatonin, and passionflower. The result is a unique blend that gets in the system fast.

Its delicious orange-pineapple flavor makes this sleep formula a pleasant experience before getting shut-eye.

We love how Sol CBD is a mission-driven company that really cares about their customers. If you have any questions, reach out to their friendly team and they will gladly answer any of your questions.

In fact, Sol CBD includes their Sleep Well Solution Program with each purchase of their sleep formula. This is kind of like a digital course on lifestyle changes and tweaks you can make to get more Z’s the natural way. It’s welcomed additional support for sleep health this holiday season.

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Most Potent: Slumber Sleep Aid CBN Tincture for Sleep

slumber sleep aid
Slumber Sleep Aid

Slumber Sleep Aid has dedicated their entire company to helping people sleep the safe, plant-based way. The revolutionary use of CBN as their key ingredient makes them a unique force in the fight for naturally better sleep.


  • Includes CBN and terpenes for sleep

  • Reviewed to be powerful

  • Colorado-grown hemp

  • Impressive results from 3rd party sleep study

When it comes to potency, the best brand has to be Slumber Sleep Aid. While most of the products on our list feature CBD as the primary ingredient, Slumber Sleep Aid does things a bit differently.

While Slumber Sleep Aid does use CBD in some of their formulas, their flagship ingredient is CBN. CBN is related to CBD as another cannabinoid in the hemp plant. CBD has been studied to have a wide variety of natural benefits, but the science behind CBN is relatively new. 

What evidence is there largely links CBN to improved sleep health. Slumber Sleep Aid spent years researching CBN and consulting both traditional and holistic doctors to formulate the most potent, all-natural sleep aids out there.

Slumber Sleep Aid’s signature product is our pick for the #6 best CBD sleep gift and the most potent supplement on the list. Each bottle contains a proprietary blend of CBN and organic MCT oil.

Also added to the mix are two terpenes: linalool and beta-caryophyllene. Both are natural chemical compounds that have been found to improve relaxation and sleep health.

Despite the powerful plant medicine in each of Slumber Sleep Aid’s CBN tinctures, the flavor is quite pleasant. Look forward to an all-natural blend of vanilla and orange for a dreamsicle-like treat.

Something else we think is awesome — Slumber Sleep Aid even got an independent panel to conduct a sleep study on their CBN tinctures. We won’t bother you with all the individual results, but let’s just say, the company has a winner on their hands with CBN oil. For the most potent and natural sleep aid, look no further.

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Best for Dreaming: BATCH Dream CBD Oil Tincture


Batch’s Dream tinctures come in a beautiful bottle that makes an attractive, sophisticated gift. But the best part is the magical blend of CBD and sleepy terpenes inside.


  • Special terpene blend for sleep

  • 2 dosage options

  • Great for new users and regular users

  • Beautiful design/packaging

Coming in at #7 is the thoughtful combination of CBD and hemp terpenes in this Dream blend by BATCH. BATCH CBD is the brainchild of a group of chemists and hemp experts focused on creating plant-based medicine to change people’s lives. The brand hails from Wisconsin, where they source their organic CBD hemp to support local farmers.

Batch spent years researching and testing different terpenes with their local CBD oil to target health issues people care about most. Their Dream blend features potent CBD along with additional infused terpenes: terpinolene, myrcene, and linalool.

Terpenes are the natural chemical that gives plants their distinctive aroma. Many terpenes can be found in the hemp plant, including the three that Batch uses in the Dream tincture. These terpenes in particular have been observed to have therapeutic effects for relaxation, anti-inflammation, and stress.

Now that you know what’s inside the bottle of our #7 pick, note that the bottle itself is beautifully designed. CBD brands aren’t exactly known for their prowess in design, so this is a nice departure from what we normally see. A fantastically chic gift for the wellness enthusiast in your life.

We saw that the online testimonials for Batch’s Dream blend are full of people who have tried every natural sleep aid possible with no success. Among many reviewers are former melatonin users who needed to find a new, safe botanical they could take every night.

With this CBD tincture for sleep, you can use as much as you want as frequently as you need to, without getting addicted or feeling weird from chemical side effects. For many, Batch’s tinctures are a dream come true for insomnia, stress, and recovery. 

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Great Tasting: Kanibi Sleep CBD and CBN Nighttime Blend


Kanibi’s Nighttime Blend tastes great and comes in two dosage options fit for both newbies and people who really need extra support to get good shut-eye.


  • All-natural ingredients

  • Contains both CBD & CBN

  • 2 concentration options

  • Organic US hemp

The natural aroma and flavor of full spectrum CBD oil is like that of cannabis. It’s super earthy and tastes like, well, a hemp plant. Accordingly, lots of CBD companies add flavoring to their CBD oil tinctures to make them go down the hatch a bit easier. Kanibi has done a fantastic job making a CBD tincture for sleep that’s both powerful and tasty. No scary ingredients included.

Kanibi strictly sources organically grown hemp from the USA to make their CBD oil. The plant material is then put through what’s called CO2 extraction– an environmentally friendly way to produce hemp oil. 

From there, Kanibi’s team of experts identify other key ingredients to target issues their users care about the most. And while people flock to CBD for a number of reasons, a good majority arrive at the supplement to help them sleep.

Kanibi combines the power of CBD with CBN, another powerhouse cannabinoid, to make getting a good night’s rest easy and natural. They also infuse additional terpenes for a more powerful effect.

The ingredients in Kanibi’s nighttime blend are all-natural and deliver a tasty, sleepy experience for thousands of satisfied users. A bit of Stevia is in the mix to make taking CBD oil before bed pleasant and dreamy.

Verified online reviews back up the potency reflected in Kanibi’s recent lab reports. Users report being able to fall asleep faster, as well as relief from little aches and pains at night.

It’s best to take the nighttime blend right before hitting the sheets. To get the best rest of your life this holiday, place a dropperful of Kanibi’s CBD tinctures under the tongue. Hold for 30 seconds and swallow. Holding under the tongue at first will help your body get started absorbing all the beneficial compounds through your saliva. After that, it’s smooth sailing into the morning.

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Best Stocking Stuffer: Kats Botanicals Melatonin + Magnesium Gummies 

kats botanicals
Kats Botanicals

Kat’s Botanicals sleep gummies make a great stocking stuffer this holiday. You can get them starting at $15 or less, and these treats have earned a nearly perfect score among reviewers for efficiency.


  • Great stocking stuffer

  • Affordable

  • For daily use or to get back on track

  • Glowing reviews 

Stocking stuffers can quickly get out of control if you’re not careful. For a good option that won’t break the bank, we landed at Kat’s Botanicals for their melatonin + magnesium gummies. No CBD or hemp oil included, just old-school sleep aids to help you fall asleep and remain asleep through the night.

We really appreciate how Kat’s Botanicals includes magnesium in their sleep gummies, as this isn’t super-common with bigger brands who focus usually on CBD and/or melatonin. While these are great to support short-term sleep health, magnesium is a nutrient that helps regulate the circadian rhythm. Aka it’s beneficial to helping you get more consistent sleep.

Online reviews for these gummies with melatonin and magnesium are near-perfect. We were unable to find a single testimonial that claimed they don’t work.

Most users use these gummies regularly to help them get a restful night’s sleep after a long day. But another common theme we saw is that of getting the sleep cycle back on track. That is, many reviewers discussed how they were ‘stuck’ in a bad sleep pattern and unable to break it until they found Kat’s Botanicals. Pretty powerful stuff.

Kat’s Botanicals is a small business out of Tennessee that’s been around since 2016. From day one, the brand has been a leader in third-party testing and ingredient auditing for all their plant-based supplements. This level of transparency has led to Kat’s becoming one of the most trusted suppliers of kratom and other botanicals in the US. With wicked-fast shipping and amazing customer service, it’s easy to see how Kat’s Botanicals earns wellness customers for life.

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Best CBD Boxed Set: Receptra Sound Asleep Boxed Set


Receptra Naturals is known for their fast-acting CBD oil, but we can’t help being smitten with this gift box set that means less wrapping for us this holiday.


  • No wrapping required

  • Beautiful packaging

  • Great value

We couldn’t finish our list without a shout out to the Receptra Naturals gift set. What’s more, it’s specifically catered to people who need more sleep. 

Of all the CBD gifts we looked at for sleep, we think this box set is by far the best for those of us who don’t want to do any gift wrapping. Why? Receptra Naturals puts their award-winning CBD for sleep in a beautiful gift box that’s ready to go. No gift wrapping required!

The Sound Asleep Boxed Set contains three delightful gifts to help your favorite people get the serious rest they need, naturally and without nasty side effects. 

First in the treasure chest are Receptra’s Serious REST CBD tinctures. These contain the brand’s tried-and-true sleep blend of full spectrum CBD oil with MCT oil and linalool. Like CBD, linalool is a natural phytochemical found in plants like hemp. This terpene has its own list of natural benefits relating to relaxation.

The next gift in the Sound Asleep boxed set are CBD capsules, also in the Serious REST formula of herbs. These come in a month’s supply and will set your loved one up with good sleep for many nights.

Finally, Receptra includes a cute sleep mask made from natural fiber. It’s perfect for friends and family who travel often and anyone who wants to block out distractions when falling asleep (aka everyone).

This gift is a bit on the pricier side, making it more than a stocking stuffer. For us, this is a higher-end gift for someone special in your life that’s into natural wellness. For these loved ones, this is an excellent way to give the gift of sleep health. The beautiful packaging means you won’t have to wrap, but you can certainly show someone you care.

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol aka CBD is one of many natural phytochemicals known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are found in the hemp plant, cannabis sativa, along with other compounds like terpenes and flavonoids. 

Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychedelic properties and is considered safe by the World Health Organization.

While THC has historically been the most discussed cannabinoid due to its psychoactive effects, other cannabinoids like CBD have earned massive popularity in the health and wellness space for their natural benefits.

How does CBD help you fall asleep?

CBD helps you fall asleep by acting on what’s called the endocannabinoid system. Found in all mammals, the endocannabinoid system is an intricate network of receptors that communicate with the body and mind to maintain balance, immunity, and overall wellness. CBD binds to certain receptors in the endocannabinoid system. When this happens, there’s a naturally anti-inflammatory, relaxing effect. For people that have trouble winding down at the end of the day, getting the body and mind to relax naturally is the biggest challenge to falling asleep.

What the science says about CBD for sleep

CBD helped improve anxiety scores and sleep scores in this study among people across a three-month period. People’s sleep scores were based on questions relating to common sleep-related health concerns, including the ability to fall asleep. 


How did we make this list?

First, this list had to have great gifts with a wide range of price points. We also made sure that each prospective CBD brand has up-to-date test results for potency and contaminants. Another big factor was verified online reviews by customers and what they said about the high quality CBD products effect on their sleep. To top it off, we stuck with mission-driven organizations involved in cool ways of giving back, from charitable involvement to compassionate discounts.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is federally legal in all 50 states as of the 2018 Farm Bill.

What are the different types of CBD?

CBD comes in a variety of forms, from CBD gummies to CBD bath bombs. But there are 3 main types of CBD used to create these popular products. Here are the 3 different types of CBD:

Full spectrum CBD: Full spectrum CBD oil is the most unadulterated form of CBD with the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids the hemp plant has to offer.

Broad spectrum CBD: Broad spectrum CBD oil contains additional cannabinoids to CBD and/or hemp terpenes, but the THC has been removed. Broad spectrum CBD has 0% THC.

CBD isolate: CBD isolate contains CBD only, with no additional cannabinoids or terpenes present. CBD isolate contains 0% THC.

What is CBN?

CBN is a cannabinoid with similar natural benefits to CBD, including sleep improvement. Many CBD brands are now pivoting to sleep products that contain CBN due to customer demand and its success with helping users catch more Zzz’s. Current CBN products, some of which are included on this list, come in the same variety as CBD. You can get CBN gummies, CBN tinctures, etc. either by itself or in combination with CBD in the same sleep supplement.

Will CBD make me high?

No, CBD will not make you high, even in large amounts. Overdosing on CBD is also not considered harmful by the WHO and other major medical associations.

Giving people the gift of rest

Many people struggle with poor sleep, but they keep pushing through the days and nights. These are the people who are always thinking of others, always putting their own needs on hold for someone else’s. 

For those wonderful people in particular, a CBD gift is an awesome way to show you care.

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