Hilary Duff could have been a Scottish princess in a past century

On Monday’s Who Do You Think You Are?, onetime pop princess Hilary Duff learned that she has some actual royal blood running through her veins, discovering that her 21-times-great-grandfather was the King of Scotland.

After hearing that her seven-times-great-grandfather was the lieutenant governor of Virginia and a pirate hunter in the early 1700s, Duff traced her ancestry across the pond to Scotland. There, she found out that a distant relative, Robert the Bruce, wasn’t your average King of Scotland.

One Who Do You Think You Are? expert described him as a “superhero of the medieval kings” because of his efforts to create an independent Scotland, including being at the forefront of one of the most famous battles in Scottish history. His heroic victory over England in 1314 united all of Scotland behind him, and he was able to witness the peace as his life’s work come to fruition in 1328.

While all of that is pretty cool, the tidbit Duff may be most excited to share with her son was best summed up by historian and genealogist Nick Barratt: “If this was the 13th century, you would be a princess. I feel I should bow.”

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