Here's How To Achieve the Sleek and Skinny '90s Eyebrow

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Eyebrow shapes, styles and trends are very personal, and it takes a brave soul to wear thinner brows. In the past years of celebrities like Lily Collins and Zoë Kravitz who led the charge on full, Audrey Hepburn-like eyebrows as a must-have, the trend vending machine cycle has turned yet again: '90s skinny brows are in.

Thin brows have been making their way back into our beauty standards for some time now, making appearances on Gigi and Bella Hadid, Euphoria cast members, and most recently in the return of the early '00s beauty era. To our relief, the days of over-plucking, cutting and tweezing are long gone to achieve this look. I'm sure we've all learned our lesson about the extreme damage excessive tweezing can do to our brows and have learned ways to partake in the trend, proceeding more conservatively.

To achieve a more modern look of thin brows means being strategic in your brow placement to create an optical illusion. For those with fuller brows, you'd want to make sure that you ease up on the heavy filling. Your brows should not look like sisters but rather distant cousins. You can also further slim a brow by using simple products such as Glossier's Boy Brow in "Clear" to brush upper hairs down and the lower hairs up. For those pesky smaller hairs, add a bit of concealer above and below the brow to hide the hairs and successfully pull off the illusion of a thinner brow.

If you find yourself not ready to commit to the slim jim trend just yet, using an old drag queen technique never hurt anyone. Drag queens were one of the first culture groups to adapt the model of taking a clear glue stick, translucent setting powder, and a brow pomade or pencil to draw their brows on. This was widely accepted within the community as most drag queens are cis-gendered men and would have to severely pluck their eyebrows to attain a feminine look. The glue stick model circumvented the need for plucking.

If you still opt to tweeze your brows, please keep in mind that hair growth on the eyebrows takes longer to grow back, but it will return.

See below as we've included a few au naturel thin brows and a drag queen brow tutorial to get you on track.


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