This handy couple gave Wanda, their 1997 RV, a full makeover

Larie and Jason took their lives on the road after their kids flew the coop

Video Transcript

LARIE PIDGEON: Hi! I'm Larie Pidgeon.

JASON KOSCIUSZKO: And I'm Jason Kosciuszko.

LARIE PIDGEON: And we are Roam and Conquer.


This beauty behind us is Wanda, our 1997 Tiffin Allegro RV that we travel in full time.

So we started off in upstate New York, where we have lived for the past 20 years with our kids. They flew the coop, and we just--


LARIE PIDGEON: Yeah. We just realized that our house was way too big. Our RV is about 350 square foot.


LARIE PIDGEON: We only have one slide. So now-- now in the RV community, it's like, "how many slides do you have?"


You know, it's like a car garage, you know?


LARIE PIDGEON: So when this pulls out, it's really great. It gives us some space. A big thing for me is I love to feel like my home is a hug.


LARIE PIDGEON: So we were looking at RVs online, and they were just man caves. They were brown leather and dark colors, and I was like, ugh! If I'm going to live in this, it can't happen. So Jason's a master carpenter, and I can basically give him anything and he can create it for me.

This is where you would enter our RV. We created this awesome dashboard wall.

JASON KOSCIUSZKO: Foldable wall-- it collapses when we're ready to hit the road.

LARIE PIDGEON: He also created this custom dashboard. We wanted this area to be our living room/workspace, but also sit me and Jason comfortably. We found this really cool LED light at a folk festival. This ceiling was carpeted, but Jason created this awesome cedar ceiling.

The best part of this life is going on adventures.

JASON KOSCIUSZKO: Exploring the trails, the different mountains, different lakes, waterfalls.

LARIE PIDGEON: Yeah, off-- right, we have a Jeep, so we do a lot of off-roading, kayaking, biking, trails.

This is our living room/Jason's mad at me bedroom--


--you know, because this folds out into a futon, which is really great. And if you look, there's extra storage, which is really cool. You know, [INAUDIBLE].

JASON KOSCIUSZKO: And the whole thing folds out into a futon.

LARIE PIDGEON: Another cool feature that I love. I'm all about light, so all of our faucets have these incredible LED lights that actually change colors to let when it's hot, when it's cold, or when it's temperate.

We've got this awesome stove, which is great. I love it because of the countertop. It comes down, so you have an actual space. And then when you want to cook, it just flips up. It's gas-- I recommend gas for everybody, because you can cook when you're not hooked up at a campground.


LARIE PIDGEON: It's got a really cool light-- again, obsessed with light. And when you're not cooking, it's also a great place to store your pots and pans.

JASON KOSCIUSZKO: So here's the pantry. It was very simple before, just shelves. I put the shelves back in, but they're more solid now. We have these great drawers that pull all the way out to get access to everything that's in there.

LARIE PIDGEON: So we're about to enter my favorite part of the RV. So I love bathrooms. I love to get ready. I love that feeling. And one of the most scared things about getting an RV was the bathrooms-- they're tiny, they're gross, they're plastic. So Jason made me a little oasis.


You can see it's very open. He created this great open shower for me. Super eclectic-- you can see, like, the floor's, like, really cool little beads.

This sink was one of my favorite purchases. When we boondock, we can just fill it up and it doubles as a bath. So it fills all the way up so we can take, you know, like a bath. I had to get used to that, by the way, because there is no baths.

My frame of mind right now, and I'll speak for him, because I always do--


--is I-- you know, our frame of the mind is that, you know, keep costs low, see the country, you know, while we can, you know?

Where the magic happens!


This is our bedroom! The wallpaper is my favorite. It's Emma Shipley. She is out of London. Super cool, awesome art that she does.

Our bed is extremely high. It's so comfortable. So I want it to be--

JASON KOSCIUSZKO: It's super important, a comfortable bed.

LARIE PIDGEON: Comfortable bed. But yeah, this is our home! Thank you so much for spending this time with us and letting us rant on and on about our hobby/life/you know, everything.

JASON KOSCIUSZKO: It's an amazing life, and we recommend it to everybody.

LARIE PIDGEON: Yeah! Follow us on TikTok-- @roamandconquer_, Instagram. And hope to see you on the road. Bye!


LARIE PIDGEON: Get out of here!