Halsey Is Unrecognizable With Siren-Copper Hair

Halsey is known for dying their hair a million colors as the singer-songwriter's signature shade is blue.

These days, the new mother is riding the crimson wave as they debuted a coppery hue on Instagram Stories earlier this week. Not only did they change their color, but Halsey is also rocking a full fringe. "New day, new person until tomorrow" is the vibe as they showed off their ginger tresses, which were styled in flowing waves and exuded sultry siren energy. The light rust tone perfectly accentuates the about-face founder's hazel eyes, complementing their warm skin tones. This isn't the first time Halsey has tried out the stunning orange color as they donned a crimson pixie cut in September.

It's unclear if the new 'do is just a wig or a permanent switch up, but knowing the musician, they will probably be walking out with a new hairstyle in weeks. The New Jersey native has shaved their head, worn a rainbow-colored hairstyle and has even emulated Pamela Anderson with ultra-feminine long blonde curls.

Copper is, without a doubt, trending and it's not just the festive season that's making everyone see red. Everyone from Megan Fox and Kendall Jenner to Lily James and Anna Taylor-Joy have been opting for penny-hued tresses, making copper the hair color of 2022.

While Halsey uses makeup and hair  to express themselves as they feel like "a different person every week," we're hoping the copper shade sticks around as it just looks picture perfect on them.

halsey copper hairstyle beauty makeup about face trending looks
halsey copper hairstyle beauty makeup about face trending looks