‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Won't Be Happy About This Alarming Season 20 News That Wasn't Announced

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All Your 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 20 Qs, AnsweredRaymond Liu - ABC

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We have a pulse! Following a heart-pumping season 19 finale, Grey's Anatomy has even bigger plans ahead.

The penultimate two-parter had viewers playing witness to a wedding with a runaway bride, while a surprise reunion brought back Ellen Pompeo's Meredith Grey as our dear Miranda Bailey won the Catherine Fox Award. Already, fans are left wondering about what's ahead.

Details remain few and far between, but here's all that we gathered about Grey's Anatomy season 20, including the confirmed returning cast, the release date and the question on everyone's mind: Is Grey's Anatomy ending after season 20?

Will there be a season 20 of Grey's Anatomy?

That's right, folks. The longest-running primetime medical drama heralds its 20th season. As of March 2023, ABC confirmed ;the hit series' return while announcing Meg Marinis' debut as showrunner.

She replaces longtime Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 showrunner Krista Vernoff, who left both shows this May. Already steeped in the universe, Meg has worked alongside the crew for many years, including 38 writing credits. So, viewers shouldn't worry about the show changing too much.

Is Grey's Anatomy ending after season 20?

Following its namesake's departure, questions linger about whether season 20 is the show's last suture. Good news: Creator Shonda Rhimes assured fans that they don't plan on ending it anytime soon.

“I might be a very old lady by the time we reach its last season because it doesn’t seem to be stopping, which is wonderful, and I feel the world really belongs to the fans, and the fans have been really clear about what they want,” she told Deadline.

'grey's anatomy' season 20 ending
Liliane Lathan - ABC

The Bridgerton creator added: “It’s such an amazing show, and it’s doing so well as it’s moving forward. I’m going to leave it alone and see where it goes, and we’re going to stay a show as long as everybody wants to be there and as long as the fans want to be there.”

When is the Grey's Anatomy season 20 release date?

It's too early to call when we'll be paged back to Grey Sloan Memorial, considering the season 19 finale just wrapped on May 18, 2023.

Historically, other seasons were released in the fall — last year's premiere aired on October 6, 2022. Looking back a little further, before the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the U.S., new episodes of Grey's Anatomy were released every September for 14 years. But the popular series might not resume it's usual schedule amid the ongoing writer's strike, which has caused several shows to delay production.

What's more, ABC released its upcoming fall schedule and Grey's Anatomy wasn't part of it, as well as Station 19. There was also no indication if the network was holding it for midseason a.k.a. the winter 2024 slots in January and February.

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Who will be on season 20 of Grey's Anatomy?

The sun's gone down on Meredith Grey as Ellen announced her departure amid season 19 airing. But that door may remain just slightly ajar as the Golden Globe-nominated actress still serves as an executive producer and narrator.

What's more, part 2 of the season 19 finale saw a reappearance of Meredith and Maggie (Kelly McCreary), with the former hinting at more ahead as she takes another jab at curing Alzheimer’s disease. That open-ended storyline, plus the rotating door of returnees like Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), certainly gives hope.

Otherwise, quite a few returning cast members are already confirmed. Here's who is set to scrub in this coming season:

  • James Pickens Jr. as Richard Webber

  • Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey

  • Kevin McKidd as Owen Hunt

  • Kim Raver as Teddy Altman

  • Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson

  • Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd

Though not confirmed yet, the last installment's newcomers Harry Shum Jr., Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Niko Terho and Midori Francis are also expected to return. Plus, Chris Cormack — with four seasons under the belt — is likely to reprise his role as Atticus Lincoln, especially as he and Jo just confessed their love to each other.

Any Grey's Anatomy season 20 spoilers?

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Life and death always hang in the balance in Grey's Anatomy. The season 19 finale left Teddy Altman's fate up in the air after she collapsed in the OR, which leaves many wondering if her character nears her end on the show. Fret not, your questions won't go unanswered. Teddy's actress Kim Raver signed the dotted line for another season, so she's bound to return in some capacity.

How can I watch and stream Grey's Anatomy season 20?

When Grey's Anatomy premieres on ABC, folks can watch new season 20 episodes in real-time on TV. Alternatively, viewers can catch up on the ABC app or on ABC.com the next day. Don't have a TV provider? Stream episodes on Hulu, Philo and fuboTV. Plus, there's the option to purchase individual episodes of Grey's Anatomy on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and YouTube.

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