Golden Retriever's Patience With Baby Playing on the Floor is the Picture of True Love

This pup obviously adores this child.

When mixing babies and fur babies together, parents might get worried about whether or not they get along. Pets can get jealous that a new living being stole the show. Although, that definitely doesn't happen all the time so parents fret not! 

Sometimes animals will stick by the baby's side through everything, even if that means getting the short end of the stick. That's what happened with TikTok doggo @wranglerthegoldenfaglier. This Golden Retriever was laying on the ground next to the baby who was on his back. The baby started kicking and moving around and despite what you might think, Wangler's reaction is full of so much love. 

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Aww! How unbelievably adorable are these two?! Wrangler just stuck it out and took it like a champ. Obviously, the baby didn't understand that he was kicking Wrangler in the face. LOL! But how could he know that?! 

"Poor dog 😂😂," commented @therresadinini. Yes, of course, poor Wrangler! We do feel bad. But to be fair, if the dog was annoyed, he easily could've moved. LOL! "He is too lazy to move," wrote @Sreemukh.k. Or maybe Wrangler didn't move because there's another meaning.

As @Vedat Pasa said, "Unconditional love ❤️🐾🐶." Oh, absolutely. That's the hidden meaning! If the dog won't leave the baby's side even as his face is getting kicked, you know these two are going to be inseparable. Besties from the start. And we seriously can't wait to see their friendship blossom!


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