'Get Out' Director Jordan Peele Is Putting a Lot of Thought Into a Sequel

Warning: Get Out spoilers ahead

Get Out, Jordan Peele’s acclaimed satire of “post-racial America” cloaked in the guise of a freaky psychological thriller, has been the biggest box office surprise of the year. The film hypnotized audiences to the spoon-chime of $173 million in the U.S. and over $200 million worldwide, all on a shoestring budget of $4 million. Naturally, we’ve got to wonder if Peele has plans for a sequel.

We asked Peele exactly that on Tuesday when the writer-director was celebrating the film’s upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release on the Universal backlot in Los Angeles. “I could see it. I’ve thought about it — I’ve put a lot of thought into it,” Peele told Yahoo Movies (watch above). “Some people want me to do it. I think there’s ways to do it.”

Jason Blum, the horror hitmaker whose Blumhouse Productions was behind Get Out, seemed less sure, even though his company has released multiple entries in its successful Paranormal Activity, Insidious and The Purge franchises. “I really cannot figure out a sequel to the movie,” he said. “If Jordan wanted to make a sequel, we would certainly support him in that endeavor. But it’s not something I’m pushing him to do, and I can’t imagine what it would be.”

Daniel Kaluuya, who stars as Chris, the photographer who quickly suspects something sinister is afoot while visiting the suburban parents of his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams), has an idea. He’d like to see a follow-up focus on a female target abducted by the secret society Rose’s parents belonged to in the first film.

Peele, who recently signed a first-look deal with Universal, does make one promise. “I can guarantee you one thing. I would never do a sequel unless I knew how it would be better than the first or as good. So that’s going to be tough,” he said. “But I’m not gonna shortchange it. I’m not gonna do some bulls— sequel.”

Get Out is now available on Digital HD and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on May 23.

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