George Clooney gifted his closest 14 friends $1 million each — and we can’t stop thinking about the possibilities

Your next million-dollar paycheck might be closer than you imagine. All you have to do is turn back the clock a couple of decades and befriend George Clooney in his early acting days. Clooney’s BFF and Casamigos business partner, Rande Gerber, recently shared a story about Clooney’s deep generosity when it comes to his closest crew.

As a thank-you to the fourteen notable people who helped launch his career, Clooney invited the tightly knit group over for a dinner party in 2013 — where each guest sat down to a black suitcase holding a million dollars in cash. Even better? Clooney paid all the taxes on dough so his friends could reap the rewards of a full million.

The girls of The Morning Breath wasted no time earmarking their imagined earnings from the A-list actor. While Jackie Oshry took a conservative approach, referencing her savings plan, her sister and co-host, Claudia, was eager to put a down payment on her next palatial estate. It’s hard to deny the unnecessary need for all things fabulous when a million dollars shows up on your lap at a special dinner party.

What would you do with a million untaxed dollars in cash? We’re thinking that Casamigos’s Rande Gerber might be the next celeb to dish out cash, considering the tequila organization was sold to Diageo for $1 billion this year. Also, you’re married to Cindy Crawford — what else do you need?

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