General Hospital spoilers: Josslyn and Dex reunited after a tragedy?

 Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer as Josslyn and Dex looking at each other in General Hospital.
Eden McCoy and Evan Hofer as Josslyn and Dex looking at each other in General Hospital.
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For many General Hospital fans, the end of Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and Dex’s (Evan Hofer) relationship felt abrupt and even wrong.

For the couple to split because Dex shared he was prepared to kill Cyrus (Jeff Kober) under Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) orders but ultimately didn’t follow through with it due to Sonny’s subsequent orders, never really sat right with many viewers. After all, Carly (Laura Wright) practically raised Josslyn around Sonny and Jason (Steve Burton), and Jossyln was quite aware of the cutthroat nature of the Port Charles underworld. Plus, she knew for months that Dex was working as Sonny’s righthand in Jason’s absence and that Dex previously served in military combat.

We say all that to raise the point that Josslyn shouldn't be shocked by what Sonny tasked Dex to do or by Dex’s willingness to follow orders. Considering Dex didn’t follow through with the hit and he has since found himself remorseful for his actions, you’d think Josslyn would be willing to take baby steps toward reconciliation. Not even the news that Anna (Finola Hughes) hired Dex to now be a police officer seemed to sway Jossyln’s mind that Dex is genuinely a good guy in need of a second chance.

Evan Hofer as Dex on the phone in General Hospital
Evan Hofer as Dex on the phone in General Hospital

However, Josslyn’s strong position that she and Dex are done for good may soon change. Lately, Josslyn has been incredibly concerned that Dex working for the Port Charles Police Department is going to blow up in his face. After he seemingly ignores her concerns, during the week of April 15 on General Hospital, she takes her worries to Anna. Unfortunately for Jossyln, we don’t think Anna or Dex will heed her warnings and danger will in fact be looming around the corner.

With Sonny’s behavior becoming a bit erratic due to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) tampering with his bipolar medication and Pikeman still being a huge presence in town, there are a few threats that prove costly for Dex.

If we had to guess, Dex may find himself in Sonny’s crosshairs. Now if Sonny were thinking clearly, he wouldn’t usually make a move against a member of law enforcement. However, with his paranoia ramping up and him becoming more brazen while not on his medication, we can imagine he’ll try to take out Dex. In his mind, he may think Dex will be the key that finally helps the police put Sonny away for good, so the only way to stop Dex is to make him disappear.

Maurice Benard as Sonny in General Hospital
Maurice Benard as Sonny in General Hospital

Should Sonny attempt to eliminate Dex, we can imagine Ava (Maura West) catching wind of his plans. Sonny taking such a disastrous chance may fit into whatever mysterious plans Ava has for the mobster. However, Dex has previously saved Ava’s life, so she may not want to see him murdered. So instead, Ava may seek out Josslyn and plant the seed that Dex is in danger. Then in a rush to save his life, Josslyn takes off and saves him from a bullet or car explosion, just in time.

Now, it’s easy to picture Josslyn and/or Dex still getting hurt in the ordeal, even if they have their lives spared. However, the bold move on Sonny’s part would infuriate Carly, Michael (Chad Duell) and many allies of Sonny. They’d likely not want to speak to him ever again until they find out he’s been suffering from a mental health crisis.

Either way, when the dust clears, Josslyn may realize that the only thing keeping her and Dex apart is her pride. She is madly in love with him. So a reunion could be underway.

While much of our hunch is rooted in theory, it’s still something for General Hospital fans to ponder.

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