Gen Z Skincare Brand Bubble Launches Re-Set Duo

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Bubble, the Gen Z-focused skincare brand, reveals two new products: the Deep Dive AHA+PHA Exfoliating Mask and Float On Facial Oil geared towards addressing concerns such as acne and oily skin.

Founded by Shai Eisenman, who wanted to launch a service for teens, Bubble has eye-popping packaging and unique formulations that appeal to the younger generations. The Deep Dive AHA+PHA Exfoliating Mask is formulated with fruit enzymes, extracts and alpha hydroxy acids that work to even tones and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. The Float On Facial Oil is derived from plant-based oils and fatty acids designed to protect and restore the skin barrier for hydrated skin. Both are also offered as a power duo named The Re-Set.

"We've been researching the market for years and couldn't find a great chemical exfoliation mask that worked but wasn't harsh. We were also searching to find a face oil that wouldn't feel too heavy on the skin and wouldn't take forever to absorb," Eisenman said in an interview with Hypebae. "Sometimes your skin gets buried deep beneath dead cells, so you need to go a little deeper with your skincare to bring your naturally beautiful skin back to the surface. The Deep Dive AHA+PHA Exfoliating Mask uses natural fruit enzymes and extracts to break down and remove yesterday's cells, and Float On's lightweight oil mimics skin's natural lipids to restore balance to your skin barrier. The products obviously work separately, but together they're basically magic. Face-changing magic."

How to Use the Re-Set Duo:

  • Use the Re-Set weekly for a routine reset for the most effective results.

  • Use the Deep Dive AHA+PHA Exfoliating Mask if you struggle with dull skin, white heads, uneven texture and makeup that goes on unevenly. The Deep Dive is only needed once a week.

  • Float On should be applied after Deep Dive, on its own, or over your favorite moisturizer. It can also be used without Deep Dive whenever you want to smooth and restore irritated or dry skin.

  • Float On is also great for Accutane users.

The Deep Dive AHA+PHA Exfoliating Mask retails for $18 USD and the Float On Facial Oil retails for $19 USD. They can be grabbed in as a duo for $32 USD via Bubble's website.


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