'Fox & Friends' host calls out 'The View' for #FakeMelania coverage: 'Classic mean girl environment'

On Wednesday’s Fox & Friends, radio host and frequent Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce went after the ladies of The View for their recent coverage fueling the #FakeMelania conspiracy theory.

The theory claims that first lady Melania Trump sometimes uses a stand-in, and was amped up further on Monday’s episode of The View when hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin seemed to support the conspiracy. Trump’s press secretary called out the segment and said it was “shameful.” And Bruce, who called the former model “one of the most beautiful women in the world,” agrees.

“This is an excuse to be able to mock her, to say she looks short, her face is a different shape. Classic mean girl environment,” Bruce said. “When you’re in college or high school, there is the pretty girl who’s nice, and you go with the marker to mark up her locker, and then you gossip about her, and you call her names. That is what these adult women were doing to the first lady.”

Bruce went on to say that this story shows the “obsession” and “pettiness” The View has with all things related to President Trump — and she thinks Americans are getting tired of it.

“It reminds us of their jealousy, their envy, the fact that they have nothing else to do other than being mean,” Bruce said. “I don’t know what issues are going on in their lives, but it’s a shame that they feel the need to put that forward on television.”

Bruce, who has also been a vocal supporter of Fox News host Tucker Carlson during blowback for past sexist and bigoted remarks, thinks the two situations are very similar.

“That is the same issue here, isn’t it?” Bruce said. “It’s about people being bullies, trying to silence individuals who either don’t conform or think a little differently. That is the heart and soul of America… seek and destroy.”

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