Former Adult Star Mia Khalifa Says Selling Your Body to the Government Is Worse

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Former adult star Mia Khalifa considers fighting in the military and selling your body to the government worse than sex work. The model and Instagram influencer starred on comedian Ziwe’s eponymously titled Showtime series in which the duo discuss the stigma of porn and the adult industry as a whole.

If you are lucky enough to have a Showtime subscription or if you’ve simply scrolled far enough on Instagram, chances are you’ve probably stumbled across Ziwe’s insanely hilarious and achingly cringey interviews of today’s celebrities. Past episodes involve her asking Chet Hanks to explain what "white boy summer" is, pointing out that it’s been their time for the past 400 plus years.

Famous for being the most viewed performer on PornHub in a short two months, Khalifa applies the notion of “selling your body” to the military as she asserts that many are handing over their lives to the government, a much more nefarious character than the adult entertainment industry. While some enlist in an effort to pay for college or escape poverty, the debilitating and enduring effects of war are well accounted for, giving Khalifa’s opinion a fair amount of weight. Although the porn industry is making strides to become a more ethical safe space, it shouldn’t go without noting that it can be a traumatizing space for many actors and carries a negative stigma, in part due to our sex-repressed and misogynistic society. That being said, the arrival of OnlyFans and inclusive platforms like Bellesa gives adult stars greater agency and control over their bodies in a way that soldiers may not have as Khalifa implies.

Take a look at the Instagram clip below.


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