Forget Wonder Woman: 'I Kill Giants' reveals new kind of superhero in exclusive trailer

Forget iron suits or Wakandan tech: All you need to take on an army of invading giants is a pair of bunny ears and a little ingenuity. At least that’s the battle plan followed by young giant slayer Barbara (Madison Wolfe) in the upcoming film I Kill Giants, adapted from the popular 2008 graphic novel by Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura. Yahoo Entertainment is exclusively premiering the trailer for the Anders Walter-directed film, which opens in theaters on March 23. It premiered at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, where it made our “Best of Fest” list. (Watch the trailer above.) “Most films based on comic books tend to be based on plot, unless it’s a small film like Ghost World,” Walter explained to us at TIFF. “I wanted to do something that had a strong theme, and the courage to deal with something really important.”

In that way, I Kill Giants represents something of a missing link between superhero cinema and more grown-up comic-book movie fare like A History of Violence or American Splendor. It’s a film that indulges kids’ love of fantasy and role-playing while also asking them to consider how they would confront demons of their own making. As the story unfolds, we see Barbara repeatedly try to escape the real issues she’s facing at home and school, and meet the people trying to help her, including her older sister Karen (Imogen Poots) and the new guidance counselor (Zoe Saldana). And if your children like what you see onscreen, make sure they seek out the original graphic novel, which should spark their interest in comic book heroes who aren’t named Wonder Woman or Captain America.

I Kill Giants opens in theaters, On Demand and Digital HD on March 23.

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