This Food TikToker Found a Way to Revive Stale, Leftover Popcorn

Turns out you can reheat old popcorn after all!

One thing about popcorn is that once it's cold, it's done. There's no microwaving it back to life after the movie is over—even the best cinema popcorn will never compare to when it was fresh. 

That is, perhaps, until now. One FoodToker, named Gianna Nebbia, set out to see if she could perfect leftover popcorn by reheating it in the toaster oven in order to "crunchify it again" because, as we've already addressed, "this stuff is disgusting leftover." 

To test the theory, she shook the leftover popcorn out of its bag and onto a toaster oven tray lined with tin foil. While she doesn't verbalize the settings she chose, a quick glimpse at the controls suggest baking the popcorn at 375 degrees. 

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There was a minor mishap on her first try when one piece fell (or perhaps popped?) off of the tray and flamed up, but Nebbia didn't let it stop her. "Do you think I'm stupid enough to try again?" she asked. "Yes!" 

But this isn't stupidity; it's science!

"Okay, the very first hint of sizzle is when I'm going to take it out this time," she said before giving it another go. 
The end result?

"It didn't not work," she said after crunching down on a toasted piece. "Is it as crunchy as a fresh bag of popcorn? No. But is it way crunchier than a stale bag of popcorn? Yeah," she said, crunching a few more along the way for good measure. 

Even though it still didn't quite compare to the original thing, she agreed that she could still eat the new leftover option. 

But there is one catch: you have to be vigilant. "You can reheat popcorn in the toaster but DONT LOOK AWAY not even for a second," she warned in the caption, reiterating at the end of the video, "If you can keep yourself from [letting it burn in the toaster oven] this is a good method."

We love to see a successful experiment and a decrease in food waste

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