Flex X Cop Episode 13 Recap & Spoilers: Ahn Bo-Hyun Is Shocked After a Major Discovery

Flex X Cop Episode 13
Ahn Bo-Hyun in Flex X Cop (Photo Credit: SBS)
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Popular K-drama Flex X Cop aired a new episode 13 on Friday, March 15, 2024, at 10 p.m. KST on SBS. The episode is also available on Disney Plus. The series follows the story of chaebol heir Jin Yi-Soo (Ahn Bo-Hyun), who unexpectedly becomes a detective overnight. He crosses paths with fellow detective and team leader Lee Kang-Hyun (Park Ji-Hyun).

Episode 13 of Flex X Cop saw Jin Yi-Soo deal with a rather personal case. He and the team investigated a murder case that took place in his father and Hansu Group Chairman Lee Myung-Chul’s house. While the team found multiple suspects related to the murder, Yi-Soo was left shocked after he realized that his step-brother Jin Seung-Ju might have something to do with the case.

Flex X Cop Episode 13: Ahn Bo-Hyun struggles after case revelations

The latest Flex X Cop episode 13 picked up from where last week’s episode left off. Lee Kang-Hyun’s father was reappointed as the Senior Superintendent of Seoul Gangha Police Station. While the entire team rejoiced on the occasion, a mysterious man, stabbed and bloodied, entered Jin Myung-Chul’s house wall and fell inside the house to his death. He died after making an unknown phone call.

The following day, Jin Yi-Soo listened to his father’s debate with his opponent Wang Jong-Tae for the upcoming Mayor election. As he and Kang-Hyun recalled their previous case when he saved her life, she received news of the murder. Meanwhile, Yi-Soo’s step-brother Jin Seung-Ju felt relieved after the votes were in his father’s favor after the debate. On the other hand, Yi-Soo realized that the murder site was at the Chairman’s house.

At the same time, Yi-Soo’s stepmother, who saw the man lying on the ground, was left traumatized. While investigating the murder site, the team recovered a few photos from the man’s car. However, they couldn’t identify him. Reporter Lee Ki-Seok closely watched the case to earn an exclusive.

Meanwhile, Kang-Hyun spoke to the maids to gain some information. When she had no luck, she headed inside with Yi-Soo to talk to Jo Hee-Ja. The latter denied having any information about the man. Meanwhile, Seung-Ju left a suspicious aura after Yi-Soo and Kang-Hyun left. On the other hand, Ki-Seok tried to get information from the male house servant.

Later, the team found the man’s identity. Yi-Soo and Kang-Hyun visited Han Dae-Hoon’s (victim) wife, who wasn’t shocked to hear about his death. She confessed to wanting to divorce him, but he disappeared a few months ago. Moreover, he took to gambling. However, she denied her husband having any involvement with Hansu Group.

Meanwhile, the news of the murder reached the public. Myung-Chul announced that he’d take full responsibility if his family had a hand in the murder in any way. He suspected both Jo Hee-Ja and Seung-Ju, but both denied their involvement. On the other hand, the team identified their first suspect, Oh Gwang-Sik. When Kang-Hyun and Yi-Soo confronted Gwang-Sik, he was unaware of Dae-Hoon’s death.

Gwang-Sik expressed that he only followed and assaulted Dae-Hoon. A few gangsters ordered Gwang-Sik to have Dae-Hoon pay off his debt. After returning to the office, Yi-Soo discovered that the last person Dae-Hoon called was Seung-Ju. After confronting him, Seung-Ju revealed that he only met Dae-Hoon once during a party, and the latter gave Seung-Ju his card.

However, Dae-Hoon had asked Seung-Ju to meet him privately. Yi-Soo, however, took footage of the CCTV cameras on the day of the party. Meanwhile, Lee Hyung-Joon asks his daughter Kang-Hyun to let Yi-Soo off the case. However, she expressed her trust in him. Later, reports about Yi-Soo’s late mother made news, but Kang-Hyun helped him escape the reporters.

As the two talked about the incident, Yi-Soo’s father, Myung-Chul, called him. Meeting his father only angered Yi-Soo more, so he left. He expressed how Myung-Chul was too late to do things a father should do with a son. The following day, the team rounded up on another suspect, Choi Hyeon-Bae.

By the end of the episode, they followed the suspect. He was with another man when Yi-Soo, Kang-Hyun, and Joon-Young confronted them. Kang-Hyun managed to catch Hyeon-Bae, while Yi-Soo caught hold of the man. Eventually, he discovered that the man was none other than his step-brother Jin Seung-Ju.

To watch what happens next, don’t forget to tune in to Flex X Cop Episode 14 on Saturday, March 16, 2024, at 10 p.m. KST on SBS and later on Disney Plus.

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