Flex X Cop Episode 11 Recap & Spoilers: Ahn Bo-Hyun Helps Park Ji-Hyun With a Case

Flex X Cop Episode 11
ParkJi-Hyun, Ahn Bo-Hyun in Flex X Cop (Photo Credit: SBS)
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Popular K-drama Flex X Cop aired a brand new episode 11 on Friday, March 8, 2024, at 10 p.m. KST on SBS. The episode is also available on Disney Plus. The episode documented chaebol heir turned detective Jin Yi-Soo (Ahn Bo-Hyun) helping team leader Lee Kang-Hyun (Park Ji-Hyun) with a case about the cult Oryun community. The latter went undercover to solve the case, given that it was personal to her.

Lee Kang-Hyun’s father, Lee Hyung-Joon, originally handled the Oryun community case years ago. He was investigating a mass suicide at a motel, where the victims were found to be followers or members of the cult community. However, he got trapped and dismissed from the force on charges of accepting a bribe. Lee Kang-Hyun took it upon herself to solve the case and provide justice for her father. She discovered that Jin Yi-Soo had also been inside the community to investigate and help her.

Flex X Cop Episode 11: Park Ji-Hyun goes undercover for a case

The latest Flex X Cop episode 11 began with two murders. The first was Oryun community manager Lee Seong-Wook, and the second was Moon Dong-Su, who was also part of the same community. Lee Kang-Hyun investigated the latter first, as she remained unaware of Seong-Wook’s death. She discovered the community’s logo and informed her friend and detective Park Jun-Yeong about the same. Previously, Seong-Wook wanted to meet her and reveal everything about the case. However, he died before he could say anything.

The Oryun community case was the last case that Kang-Hyun’s father handled before the higher-ups in the police force dismissed him. Meanwhile, Kang-Hyun went to meet Moon Dong-Su’s family, where his sister revealed more about him being a member of the community. Apparently, it was a false religion in the disguise of a meditation center. They lure students into joining and make the victims their members. Dong-Su’s family agreed to an autopsy.

Meanwhile, Team 2 leader Ahn Byung-Sik investigated Seong-Wook’s death and found a suicide note. He realized that the victim had last called Kang-Hyun. He informed the higher-ups, including his senior Park Chan-Gun and chief Hwang Sung-Goo. The latter, however, already knew the victim’s name. When Kang-Hyun confronted him, the chief sent her on a week’s probation. She decided to investigate herself.

While Jin Yi-Soo found details about the case and how Kang-Hyun and her father were involved, Kang-Hyun met with Seong-Wook’s wife, who disagreed with an autopsy. Later that night, Kang-Hyun informed her parents of taking a break and going on a temple stay. She read her father’s records and learned about the GY Meditation Center. She decided to go undercover and join the center.

Moon Dong-Su’s autopsy revealed that he’d been killed before and his body thrown into the river. He was a survival swimmer, so he couldn’t have died by drowning. Meanwhile, the two teams joined forces to investigate the two deaths linked to the same community. During the investigation, Yi-Soo found out that Seong-Wook had asked for an autopsy in his suicide letter. Team 2 leader Byung-Sik also suspected Kang-Hyun of investigating the case herself, which concerned everyone, including Yi-Soo.

Yi-Soo met with Bori, the head of the community. Meanwhile, Kang-Hyun enrolled herself in the meditation center. She participated in a variety of programs and tasks. Moreover, Kang-Hyun also met with a girl, who wanted to leave the world and start a new life. The detective realized that the community was manipulating people into taking their own lives.

Later that night, Kang-Hyun snuck into Bori’s house to put up secret cameras and record his actions. She met with Yi-Soo, who’d agreed to stay and investigate. Meanwhile, Bori met with chief Sung-Goo, who told him about Kang-Hyun potentially investigating the case just like her father.

To watch what happens next, don’t forget to tune in to Flex X Cop Episode 12 on Saturday, March 9, 2024, at 10 p.m. KST on SBS and later on Disney Plus.

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