'The Fate of the Furious' Almost Had a Different, Over-the-Top Ending Stunt

The Fate of the Furious made smashing box office records look effortless during its debut weekend — almost as effortless as the franchise has long made impossible car stunts appear.

As it turns out, F8 came close to having a climactic action scene we didn’t get to see that would have cranked up the insanity to an even higher level.

(Spoiler alert ahead for those who haven’t seen The Fate of the Furious.)

The movie ends with the rescue of Dominic’s son on a cargo plane. An early version of the climax had Jason Statham pull a car seat from a duffel bag and load Dom’s baby into his car, which is housed inside the cargo plane. Statham then releases the car from the plane, in a scene that would be reminiscent of another big moment in the franchise. Writer-producer Chris Morgan explained to Slashfilm, They do the car going out like we did in Furious 7, but he’s got the baby in it, and the baby is laughing the whole way.”

Morgan didn’t explain why the idea was dropped, although it may have been a decision not to repeat imagery from a recent installment. Besides, some might assume the movie wouldn’t let anything bad happen to the baby, deflating the tension of the moment. As it stands, there’s no shortage of visual insanity in the movie today.

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