Fans fawn over Mike Myers’ new silver hairstyle

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Mike Myers cast a new character for himself with a fresh hairdo, and fans love it.

From Shrek to Austin Powers, the 60-year-old actor has assumed various roles, dressing in velvet suits and trucker hats with shoulder-length and side-swooped hair. Now, Myers is embracing the next era with a metallic look.

On 27 April, the Amsterdam star arrived outside Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre for the AFI Life Achievement Award Gala and stunned the cameras with a fresh cut. Myers was fitted in a class tuxedo, smiling with spikey silver hair, for his first public appearance in over a year.

The Love Guru lead has sported bleach blonde, brown, and strawberry-coloured locks, but never silver. However, like his ability to pull off a multitude of personalities, his fans thought the frosted look suited him very well.

Online, obsessed viewers complimented The Incredibles voice on his new appearance.

“I think Mike Myers looks bad*** now,” one X, formerly known as Twitter, user wrote alongside a picture of him from the event.

Another user thought he looked like “George Clooney and Steve Martin’s lovechild”.

“He’d make a great villain in a serious film,” a third argued.

Someone else added: “This really suits him,” while another person said: “That’s the best he’s ever looked. He looks good.”

Some people online urged Myers to go full Austin Powers by shaving his head like Dr Evil, the bald mastermind villain from the saga.

“I think he should have leaned into the Dr Evil look,” one fan admitted.

Before his silver fox debut, the whimsical entertainer donned a trendy look with faded, shaved sides and thick wavy locks on top of his head.

The writer was forced to routinely switch his look while filming for Netflix’s The Pentaverate. In the comedy series, Myers assumed eight different roles, the most he’s ever been cast in one production.

Speaking to ABC Audio, Myers explained how becoming several characters wasn’t as stressful for him as it may seem to others.

“I always have characters in me that are kind of circling the airport and looking for a place to land,” Myers remarked. “I love performing…and I love playing characters. And that has its own energy that gets you going. I’m kind of used to multiple characters.”

In Austin Powers, the established director took on four characters: Austin Powers, Dr Evil, Fat B*******, and Goldmember.