Fans aren't buying that 'Bachelorette' contestant isn't a 'psychopath'

During a friendly game of rugby on The Bachelorette, Luke P. got a little overaggressive when he body-slammed Luke S. just out of the eye line of the unsuspecting Hannah Brown. According to several contestants not named Luke P., not only did he body-slam Luke S., but he kneed him in the head, too. After this, and his creepily possessive nature put on display last week, the other contestants had had enough, and Mike couldn’t hold back anymore.

“You are aggressive. You are abnormally violent,” Mike told Luke P., later adding, “Your character has shown that you are unstable. You are a psychopath. That’s who you are.”

Fans couldn’t agree more.

But Luke P. claimed immediately after the incident, and again later to Hannah, that he was just defending himself against one of the least threatening contestants on the show.

“He started, like, cussing me out and clenched his fist and started coming at me,” he told her, “and started to swing at me, like, to hit me in the face. And I didn’t know what to do, and I, like, picked him up and put him on his back.”

As for Hannah, she doesn’t see Luke P. in the same light as seemingly everyone else on the show. The morning after hearing from multiple other guys what Luke P. is really like, then his side of the story, a tearful Hannah said, “Last night was just a constant state of frustration and confusion about Luke P. And It’s very obvious that I have feelings for him, probably the strongest, and I don’t know if I’m reading him wrong or right.”

While Hannah struggles to figure out what to think of Luke P., contestants and fans alike agree that he is in the wrong. But there’s at least one person who’d beg to differ: Luke P.

After his confrontation with Mike, Luke P. held his phone to the camera showing the definition of “psychopath” and said, “This is the definition of psychopath. That’s the complete opposite of me.”

That may be up for debate.

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