Family’s cheap and easy DIY game is perfect for keeping kids and adults entertained

This family on TikTok shared a fun DIY prize game that’s super easy and inexpensive to make using objects you probably already have around the house.

A TikTok family who goes by the username @bfamfamily often posts clips featuring creative group games made using inexpensive household items. One of the games they recently shared involves pulling a random string through a cup and receiving a prize on a disposable plate attached to the other end, and viewers love the creative game idea.

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The clip opens with a shot of a red plastic cup in the middle of a kitchen island. Several long pieces of yarn stick out the top of the cup, while each string is attached to a disposable plate at the other end. The disposable plates and their attached piece of yarn surround the cup, while a different prize, such as cash or a fun snack, sits in the middle of each plate.

To play the game, each child tugs one piece of yarn from the top of the plastic cup, which pulls the corresponding plate forward. The person pulling the string has no idea which plate it’s attached to, amplifying the game’s element of surprise. Finally, whatever prize is on the plate that’s pulled is theirs to keep.

For the first round of the game, one little girl pulled the string attached to the plate with a candy bar. Player number two fetched a one-hundred-dollar bill, while player number three netted a bag of Cheetos. The final player arguably had the most humbling round after receiving her prize of a single apple.

Viewers loved the simple and creative homemade game idea.

“The fact they are all happy [over] what they got, no matter what it was, is priceless,” one user commented.

“Brilliant! This is going to catch on so fast. So much fun, and I wasn’t even participating. Thank you so much for sharing,” complimented one TikToker.

“Come on, creativity! Love to see it,” one viewer mentioned.
As shown in the video, it’s amazing how you can easily transform a few everyday household items into a game full of surprise and delight.

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