Fallout's Ella Purnell Shares How She'd Like Lucy To Change In Season 2, And I’m On Board With All Of It

 Ella Purnell smiling as Lucy in Fallout.
Ella Purnell smiling as Lucy in Fallout.
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Fallout is a go for Season 2, and while actors like Kyle McLachlan shared excitement about the news, others like Ella Purnell are also sharing their hopes for their characters' future in the wasteland. Purnell's Lucy made a big decision for the Season 1 ending, but what's up next for the Vault-dweller? Like fans, the actress can only speculate, but she has big hopes for the character's future adventures with Walton Goggins' Ghoul.

Purnell took some time to speak to GQ about Fallout, the series that has a lot of those previously unfamiliar asking for suggestions on which game they should start. The actress, meanwhile, is gearing up for Season 2, and shared some of her hopes on what she'd like Lucy to be like going forward:

I just want her to continue to be funny, because that’s really fun to do. I want her to continue to have really cool stunt sequences, because that’s really fun to do. [Laughs.] I’d like to see her become her own person. I’d like to see her form some opinions that feel truly and wholly hers, and not a product of her upbringing, or a product of Vault-Tec.

Rewatch Lucy's final scenes in Fallout Season 1 with an Amazon Prime subscription, and you'll see why Ella Purnell might worry about the character still being funny. After having it beaten over her head the entire season that her father would want her to be better than the cruel mentality that plagues the outside world, Lucy was confronted by the fact her father was one of the monsters responsible for the world's nuclear destruction, and the reason her mother was now a feral Ghoul devoid of who she once was. That can change a person in ways more than removing a nose can impact the southern drawl of a Ghoul, or at least his portrayer.

At the same time, Ella Purnell wishes to remain optimistic that the reality of the outside world hasn't completely broken her. While the actress added some additional ways she'd like to see her character change, she included one big way she'd like to see her stay the same:

I think part of her being a good person is just truly her, and I think that is just who she is. I don’t know if that’s going to stay or going to go, I’d be down to play it either way. But I’d also like to see her go, like, ‘No, I don’t like this food,’ or ‘No, I don’t think what you…’ A little tiny rebellion, maybe.

Fallout Season 2 should be an interesting journey, as there are still plenty of questions about the finale reveals and what else is still on the way. I know that I'm invested in seeing how Thaddeus changes further after being injected by that snake oil salesman. Hopefully it doesn't make him look any younger, because I'm still shocked from leaning actor Johnny Pemberton's real age.

I'm also very interested in seeing Lucy and The Ghoul eventually make their way to New Vegas and for viewers to see one of the more bizarre safe havens of the post-apocalyptic United States. Will Lucy end up getting a gambling addiction after experiencing the feeling of playing a game for caps, presumably for the first time? I hope we'll find out!

Fallout Season 2 is on its way to Prime Video, but we'll have to wait until it returns. I'd recommend a rewatch in the meantime for those who know all the secrets and want to see if there are clues to the big reveals along the way.