Ella Purnell And The Cast Shared Thoughts After Fallout's Season 2 Renewal (And I’m Loving Kyle MacLachlan's Enthusiasm)

 Kyle MacLachlan smiles at the microphone in Fallout.
Kyle MacLachlan smiles at the microphone in Fallout.
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Getting a show renewed in the streaming era seems to be something of a herculean task these days. We’ve seen multiple fan campaigns to save shows from cancellation because, despite them having dedicated fan bases, they’re apparently not big enough to bring back. Fallout has been one of the hot topics on the 2024 TV schedule, making the show one of the best reasons in years to have a Prime Video subscription, but it was unclear if it was hot enough. Now we know for sure as the series has officially been renewed for Season 2, and the cast is absolutely ready to head back to the wasteland.

The official Instagram account for the Prime Video Fallout series broke the news that it had officially been given a new season and won't be on 2024's list of cancellations. Several members of the cast responded, making it clear they are excited to go back to work. Kyle MacLachlan was especially pumped, saying simply…

LFG ⚡️⚡️⚡️

While a Season 2 renewal certainly seemed likely based on the way Fallout had become one of the biggest hits on Prime Video, that didn’t mean the renewal was coming for sure, and it certainly didn’t mean it was coming soon. In the case of Netflix’s Wednesday, the official announcement of Season 2 took months to happen, even though it was entirely expected. So, I think it's safe to say that MacLachlan's energy is warranted and relatable. Ella Purnell is likely glad that the wondering is over early too, as she responded to the news saying…

Hell yeah!

Part of the excitement of the Fallout renewal is certainly coming from fans of the video game franchise that the series is based on. Without getting into spoilers, the Season 1 ending teased where Season 2 would be heading with a reference that game fans would recognize. Fallout co-star Aaron C. Moten dropped his own gaming reference when he reacted to the news…

Gg. 🤝🤝🤝

There have been a lot of comparisons between Fallout and The Last of Us. Both are prestige television series based on video games that have become incredibly popular with fans. Both are also set in (admittedly very different versions of) post-apocalyptic wastelands. Both are now also getting second seasons. This is a big win for not just the cast but everybody involved in the show. Moten followed up with his own comment with this post celebrating the second season:

Fallout Season 2 renewel announcement
Fallout Season 2 renewel announcement

Of course, now that the question of whether Fallout would get a second season has been answered, the next question becomes when will we actually see it. Work may have already started on scripts for Season 2 in anticipation of the renewal, but there’s still going to be a lot of work required before it arrives for Prime Video subscribers.  A new season could be as little as a year away but it might also take a lot longer to get everything together to get production started on the new episodes.

So, for right now, let's celebrate the renewal, keep the LFG energy alive, play the game Fallout and re-watch Season 1!