Eric André Talks 40 lbs. Weight Loss: You Have to Be ‘Psychotic or Unemployed' to Have Abs at His Age

The prankster got ripped in six months — but says he’ll never do it again

<p>Instagram/Eric Andre</p> Eric André

Instagram/Eric Andre

Eric André

For the upcoming season of his Adult Swim show, Eric André shows off some superhero-level abs.

Just don’t expect them to be permanent.

“As soon as I finished filming, I went back to pizza. It was a journey,” the comedian tells Men’s Health

The star of The Eric André Show  —  Adult Swim’s offbeat Sunday night talk show, which features hidden-camera pranks — says he tries to go incognito for each season. He’s gained weight (which André calls “the most fun”) and lost weight (which he calls a “failure,” because he was too exhausted to write).

And as the show enters its sixth season, André says he wanted to be ripped.

<p>Instagram/Eric Andre</p> Eric André

Instagram/Eric Andre

Eric André

“It took me six months. It's a full time job,” the comic, 40, tells Men’s Health of his abs-olutely pec-tacular transformation. “If you see any middle aged person with abs know that they're either psychotic or unemployed, because it is a full time job.”

André, who shared pics of his transformation on Instagram, tells Men’s Health that he used three personal trainers for his fitness journey. He alternated muscle groups on different days, working on abs daily, and walked at night for low-intensity cardio. The biggest challenge, though, was his diet, for which he employed a nutritionist and used an app to monitor his calories.

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“If your only carbs are Japanese sweet potato and sourdough bread, and you can't eat after six o'clock in the evening, and you're drinking a gallon of water, and you can't drink any alcohol, and you can't have Hot Cheetos — you start losing your mind,” he says.

And while his abs were impressive, he says they’re already gone.

<p>Instagram/Eric Andre</p> Eric André

Instagram/Eric Andre

Eric André

The day they finished shooting season six, André says “I went crazy. I lost my mind. I ate a whole pizza. The day I wrapped, I woke up. I went to Russ and Daughters and ate a bagel.”

And that’s not all — André says he also ate an entire pizza. “I was like a pig,” he tells Men’s Health.

But it was a celebratory trip to Portugal that really did him in. “I drank my weight in wine,” he says. “When I got back, I stepped on the scale and I undid all six months of work.”

Although André isn’t trying to maintain the same sculpted physique, he does say he now aims for a “my pants fit”-level of fitness.

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“I will never do a body modification again,” he swears. “Getting into shape after the age of 21 is so much work that I snapped at the end.”

But André says he isn’t stressing over his appearance. “Look, Amy Schumer told me this one time — she goes, ‘Dude, we're comedians,’” he shares. “‘We can weigh and look like whatever we want. We ain’t athletes.’”

The new season of the raunchy, offbeat show premiered Sunday with guest Lil Nas X. Upcoming episodes will feature Natasha Lyonne, Jaleel White, Blac Chyna, Jon Hamm and more.

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