It Ends With Us First Look Teases Lily & Atlas' Reunion

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Originally appeared on E! Online

The countdown to It Ends With Us starts now.

After some adjustments on the calendar, the highly anticipated film adaptation of Colleen Hoover's novel is officially coming to movie theaters on August 9, Sony Pictures confirmed, promising it to be the "movie event of the summer."

To hold fans over for the next three months, a series of first look photos from the movie were released on April 30, featuring stars Blake Lively (Lily), Brandon Sklenar (Atlas) and Justin Baldoni (Ryle).

According to a synopsis of the film, it tells the story of "a woman who overcomes a traumatic childhood to embark on a new life in Boston and chase a lifelong dream of opening her own business."

"A chance meeting with charming neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid sparks an intense connection, but as the two fall deeply in love, Lily begins to see sides of Ryle that remind her of her parents' relationship," the summary continues. "When Lily's first love, Atlas Corrigan, suddenly reenters her life, her relationship with Ryle is upended, and Lily realizes she must learn to rely on her own strength to make an impossible choice for her future."

One of the preview photos shows a smiling Lily (Blake) reuniting with Atlas (Brandon), who is now a successful chef.

Everything We Know About It Ends With Us

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Fans also get a glimpse of Lily's relationship with Ryle, in happier times, including a karaoke outing. Plus, Lily can be seen sharing a laugh with Ryle's sister, Alyssa (Jenny Slate) at their flower shop.

It Ends With Us, Blake Lively, Brandon Sklenar
Sony Pictures Entertainment

This first look at the movie comes nearly a year after filming first began, making headlines for everything from the casting choices to set photos.

After all, it was when paparazzi pics surfaced in May 2023 that criticism began to emerge online, specifically over Blake's wardrobe.

The costume backlash became so big that the author spoke out against the comments.

"I don't remember describing outfits at all," Colleen told Today's Jenna Bush Hager in June 2023. "I don't care what they have on. In my head, it's about the conversation they're having and the story. It's the same way in the movie."

It Ends With Us, Blake Lively, Justin Baldoni
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Besides, as Colleen pointed out, the ongoing conversation surrounding the film proves that fans really care.

"You've seen a couple of outfits that are completely out of context," she noted. "I'm not worried about it."

To see all of the first look pics from It Ends With Us, plus a few behind the scenes snaps, keep scrolling...

High School Reunion

<p>High School Reunion</p>

Lily (Blake Lively) is all smiles as she chats with her first love Atlas (Brandon Sklenar).

Rooftop Meeting

<p>Rooftop Meeting</p>

It's on a Boston rooftop that Lily first meets Ryle (Justin Baldoni).

Karaoke Date

<p>Karaoke Date</p>

In happier times, Lily and Ryle enjoy a fun night out together.



Before meeting Ryle, Lily is pals with his sister, Alyssa (Jenny Slate).

Actor and Director

<p>Actor and Director</p>

In addition to starring in the film, Justin is also directs It Ends With Us.

Movie Moment

<p>Movie Moment</p>

Ryle and Lily, whose relationship takes an unexpected and heartbreaking turn, share an emotional moment together.

Behind the Scenes Photos

<p>Behind the Scenes Photos</p>

Justin watches behind the lens in this set photo.

Set Visit

<p>Set Visit</p>

Colleen Hoover, author of the best-selling book, smiles alongside Justin.