Emily Ratajkowski Speaks on Trying to "Casually Date" in the Public Eye

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Emily Ratajkowski has shared a candid update about her dating life.

During a recent episode of her podcast High Low with EmRata, the model and author opened up about the complications of her newly single life and dating in the public eye. Since her split from ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, the star has been spotted with several love interests, and she says that it has felt "pretty weird to be watched."

She continued that though she's been having fun, there have been some uncomfortable moments, including times when she and her dates have had very different responses to paparazzi photographing them together.

"I've gone on dates where there's been no pictures, and I'm like, 'All good', and then there's been times where literally the first time that I've met someone, we spent 2 hours together, and there's pictures on the Internet," she explained. "My close friends will be like, 'Dude, that guy's stoked, like, he's stoked. He just got photographed on a date with you.' And then that makes me feel gross, I'm like, 'I wouldn't want to be with somebody who is excited to be photographed with me,' that's not a good sign."

She also shared one of the challenges of casually dating multiple people at the same time as a celebrity.

"It's also been tough because I've been trying to casually date and not get booed up, not get cuffed up, and it's been hard to do that and be kind of mindful of the people that I'm seeing because I don't necessarily want to know when they're going on another date," she continued. "It's been really hard, because basically, any time I go on another date, everybody knows, so the other guys I'm dating see it, and it has been kind of difficult, because of course they're like, 'Oh, didn't talk to her last night,' and then you know, there's pictures of me out to dinner with someone else."

"It sucks, and it really makes it hard also, to get to know someone without those kinds of things. They know exactly where I'm at even with things that I don't necessarily want to share, and they don't necessarily want to know," she added. "So, that's been a whole other aspect of just trying to keep things casual and also be cognizant of people's feelings, and that's been kind of tricky to navigate."

The My Body author previously spoke on being single for the first time as an adult for Harper's BAZAAR's November 2022 cover story.

"I can tell you that I have never been single before," she says. "I feel all the emotions. I feel anger, sadness. I feel excitement. I feel joy. I feel levity. Every day is different. The only good thing I know is that I'm feeling all those things, which is nice because it makes me believe that I'll be okay."

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