Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson calls poll showing support for his potential presidency 'humbling'

It doesn't seem like Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson has ruled out a run for president, calling a poll that showed support for his candidacy “humbling.”

On Saturday, the 48-year-old Young Rock star, who has long dropped hints about a possible White House run, shared the results of a recent poll by research company Piplsay which found that 29 percent of U.S. adults would like to see him run for president and Matthew McConaughey for Texas governor (a position the True Detective star said he is "giving consideration") while 17 percent would solely support Johnson's campaign.

“Humbling,” Johnson, a father of three, wrote on Instagram. “I don’t think our Founding Fathers EVER envisioned a six-four, bald, tattooed, half-Black, half-Samoan, tequila drinking, pick up truck driving, fanny pack wearing guy joining their club — but if it ever happens it’d be my honor to serve you, the people.”

Johnson has been sharing his political interests for years, telling British GQ in 2016, that he had not “ruled politics out.” He added, "I'm not being coy when I say that, but at the moment I am not sure. I can't deny that the thought of being governor, the thought of being president, is alluring. And beyond that, it would be an opportunity to make a real impact on people's lives on a global scale. But there are a lot of other things I want to do first."

The following year, the Jumanji star reiterated to GQ, “I think that it's a real possibility,” adding that both former President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had requested his endorsement of their respective campaigns, which he turned down for fear of influencing votes. At the time, reported the magazine, Johnson was registered as an independent.

However, in September, Johnson endorsed President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as “the best choice to lead our country.” In the past, he wrote, he had voted for both Republican and Democrat candidates.

The Piplsay poll of more than 30,000 U.S. adults revealed public support for other imagined celebrity presidents: Tom Hanks (22 percent), Will Smith (21 percent) and George Clooney (17 percent). For the first female president, Angelina Jolie scored 30 percent of votes followed by Oprah Winfrey (27 percent) and Dolly Parton (12 percent).

Respondents were open-minded about celebrities as politicians with 45 percent claiming they are free to switch careers and 19 percent stating, “Anyone can join politics these days.” However, 12 percent felt that Hollywood lifestyles don't mesh with public service. Regardless, an overwhelming percent — 81 — say stars have the power to sway public opinion.

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