Dua Lipa Looks Almost Unrecognizable as a Blonde

Dua Lipa’s got an album coming out, and whenever a woman is releasing music, we, the public, must be on hair watch. With Radical Optimism on the horizon, Miss Dua Lipa’s blonde era is upon us. Well, maybe.

The singer graced the cover of Beauty Papers, an indie mag focused on beauty and culture, and the editorial tore crazy. While we’re pretty sure it’s a wig, Dua Lipa wore her hair in a choppy, strawberry blonde shag for one of the looks, including bleached eyebrows, of course. Since her dark features are such a defining part of her look, the bleached effect really makes a difference.

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In some of the other looks, she’s got her maroon hair, which we know she’s rocking these days, and a dark brown mullet. Dua Lipa is a girl who shows her forehead, but honestly, the biggest takeaway here is that she could wear a messy fringe like it’s nobody’s business.

Not that anyone’s personal opinions here matter, but I love her dark hair and truly hope she keeps it. However, she has bleached her hair and slayed (duh.) She bleached her bangs back in 2020, and she wore a bleached wig with dark roots to the Grammys in 2022. The good news is that because she’s in an album release cycle and because she’s very high on everyone’s A-list right now, she’ll probably be at the Met Gala this Monday, and while it is a costume event where people dress in wigs a lot of the time, at least we’ll get a chance at a better look.

My theory for why I think she still has her red hair is because she’s got red in all her Radical Optimism imagery, and it’s standard form to cosplay your album era while you’re in it—it would really shake up the format if she dyed her hair now.

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