Drone Footage of ‘The Pickup’ Heist Stunt Shows Wreck That Hospitalized 8 | Video

New footage shows a previously unseen angle of the stunt crash that hospitalized eight crew members during shooting of the forthcoming Eddie Murphy and Keke Palmer comedic heist film from Amazon MGM Studios, “The Pickup.” The stunt was filmed this past Saturday, April 20.

The video, obtained by TMZ, shows an armored truck and a car pulling alongside one another during production in Atlanta. As the truck turns to hit the other vehicle in a planned stunt, the vehicles turn into the grass.

But things went wrong when the armored truck flipped, tumbling over the smaller vehicle and causing it to flip too. An Amazon MGM Studios spokesperson told TheWrap in a statement earlier this week, “Unfortunately, the sequence did not go as planned and several members of the crew were injured as a result.”

Another angle of the crash was shared earlier this week via monitor footage obtained by the New York Times. It shows the vehicles from the front being filmed as the crash happens, including both vehicles flipping.

According to a GoFundMe page for dolly grip Marvin Haven, he suffered “extensive bodily injuries,” which included “broken ribs, multiple fractures in his neck and back, a shattered scapula, punctured lung, and a skull fracture which will require facial reconstructive surgery.”

An investigation into the crash by the federal government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was announced earlier this week by the Department of Labor.

Eddie Murphy and other members of the cast were not on set when the crash occurred. The film’s cast also includes Pete Davidson, Eva Longoria, Marshawn Lynch and Andrew Dice Clay, among others.

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