Dog's Funny Reaction to Getting a Taste of a Snap Pea Makes Us LOL

The smile is just everything.

We think it's time to start putting out videos of dogs eating veggies so kids can see that it's not so bad after all. Because let's face it, trying to get your children to eat their greens is dang near impossible. But maybe, just maybe, they'll start eating when they see how much dogs enjoy it. 

And we think we know the perfect video to start us off. The video comes from TikTok doggo @djangosmiles. Django's mom offered him to try a snap pea. One might imagine the result would be disgust, but it was actually quite the opposite. Check out his review! 

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O.M.G. Soooo cute! Django loved the snap pea! And he really was smiling the biggest smile ever because he wanted another snap pea. A beautiful smile it was we might add! No wonder his TikTok username is what it is! 

"I could listen to that crunch all day!!" said @Canuckgirlie. Right?! That's a sign of a good meal. LOL! @Amanda Zim wrote, "'Take a small bite.' *Eats whole thing plus finger*." He knew as soon as the snap pea hit his mouth that he was going to need more than a small bite. We totally understand. Snap peas are such a tasty treat!

And TikTok users totally agree! @bekahbeth commented, "He’s right though🤷🏼‍♀️ snap peas are the bomb." Honestly, has there been a dog food review that ever let us down? No, because they really know what they're barking about! 


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