What does 'devious lick' mean and why is it all over TikTok?

Social media is obsessed with scoring a "devious lick." But here's why this meme is probably better to observe than partake in. The "devious lick" trend started up in September and has since become an internet sensation. It all began with a TikToker's hilarious (and kind of sketchy) video about stealing a box of face masks. The popular slang phrase "hit a lick" means to "find a quick way to make money, usually illegal," according to Urban Dictionary. It's unsurprising then that people refer to their petty thefts as "devious licks". On September 1, @jugg4elias uploaded a video that inspired the meme. The video has either been made private or has since been deleted. TikToker @jadenflick bragged about his devious lick: a contactless paper towel dispenser he stole from his school bathroom. The Twitter user @chowosen opted for stealing a supermarket shopping cart for their devious lick