Dita Von Teese Calls Waist Training ‘Like the Blind Leading the Blind’


Dita Von Teese (Getty Images)

Don’t expect to see Dita Von Teese, the Queen of the Corset, shilling for waist trainers on Instagram anytime soon. She’s not such a fan of the trend.

“I think it’s funny because I’m watching [the trend] and it’s like the blind leading the blind,” the burlesque superstar said during an appearance on Huff Post Live Thursday.

She’s referring to those elastic waistbands you’ve no doubt seen on the Instagrams of the Kardashians and various other celebrities. While their efficacy is dubious, they do make a perfect Christmas gift for all the who?s in your life.


Kim Kardashian, waist training advocate (Instagram)

“People that actually know a lot about corsetry are not the ones that are publicly speaking about it,” Von Teese continued. “And I’m seeing some of these corsets that they’re saying are waist shapers and I’m like, ‘That doesn’t work.’ They’re like stretchy fabric. If you really want to get into it, you should probably look into the real corsetmakers that have been doing it for decades and decades. There are lots of experts on it, but I don’t know that you should go to the people who are jumping on the bandwagon to sing the praises of corsets.”

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Dita Von Teese, corset and all (Instagram)

Dita Von Teese gets her famous hourglass silhouette with the use of a corset, but she says it’s not as simple as slapping one around your waist.

“It seems to be a fast fix, and it is,” she explained. “If you put on a corset and you pull the strings tight, you instantly have this silhouette and it’s great, but it’s not going to modify your body if you’re not engaged in the serious regimen of it.“