Disney’s Space Restaurant Is Officially Open And It Looks So Extravagant

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Update, September 21, 2021: Part of the magic of the Disney parks is the food, and a new extravagant dining experience is finally open to make your park visit even more memorable. Welcome to the era of Space 220, a space-themed restaurant now open in Epcot where you can enjoy celestial views and delicious food.

Once you check in at the Departure Lounge, you'll be taken 220 miles into the air so you can see the view of the park from up above while enjoying the view of "space" around you. A purple light coats everything around you to give you even more of a celestial feel while eating the special cuisine.

The menu is modern American-inspired and includes items like Space Greens and Blue Moon Cauliflower or the Centauri Burger and filet mignon. You can finish off your meal with sweets like Lemon Mousse or Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake and, of course, specialty cocktails like the Celestial Cosmopolitan or Planetary Punch are also available.

Walk-ins are available at Space 220 from September 20 to September 26 only and on September 27 reservations will be available. You will also need a ticket to the Epcot park for the day of your reservation for all members of your dinner party. You can learn more about how to book your meal at Space 220 here.

Original Post, August 16, 2021: You’ve heard of dining among the clouds. Now, with the help of a little magic, you can dine among the stars. A new space-themed restaurant is coming to Disney World at Epcot. Space 220 will give you a celestial panoramic view all while enjoying your dinner.

This new dining location is an expansion of the Mission: SPACE attraction. You’ll begin the experience by checking into the Space 220 Departure Lounge in Future World. Then, you’ll step onto a “Space Elevator” that will take you 220 miles in the air. Down ‘below,’ you’ll see the park slowly get smaller as you rise above the earth. Soon, you'll arrive at the Centaur Space Station, where you’ll be dining. Everything is cast in a purple, space-y light to really transport you there.

Once at your table, you’ll see sweeping views of Earth below, as well as "a variety of work and leisure activities taking place beyond the windows," according to the Disney Parks Blog. In the sneak peak video, it looks like astronauts having fun and getting maintenance work done. The dining room looks like the inside of a spaceship with neon lights surrounding the windows and tables and chairs that look like they are meant for astronauts.

Wondering what delicacies will be paired with this view? Unfortunately, there aren’t any specifics yet, but a multi-course prix-fixe menu will be served for lunch and dinner. It’s “upscale, contemporary fare” with a full beverage menu “from fine wine to atmospheric cocktails and more,” the post says.

The restaurant should be blast off in mid-September as part of the Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary.

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